Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey! Stop Copying Me! Well, I guess it's ok. . . .

OK OK! I know! Pictures! Well, there were soooo many pics, I put them into a slideshow on the right hand side of the blog, so just wait for it to load, and you can see all the pics from this past weekend.

Well, miss Marin monkey has quite a few new little updates, but she wants to tll you herself, so here she is:

*Hey everyone! I've been really busy this past week, so I need to let you know about my progress, here is my little list that mommy helped me with:

1) I am really having a hard time with mealtime now. I really would rather eat cereal than fruits or veggies, and I fuss and cry when mommy tries to put them in my mouth. Sometimes she can't get me to open my mouth, so she'll plug my nose (mommy comment: trust me, it's no fun for me either) to get me to open my mouth. I just want my cereal guys!
2) I have now moved onto size 3 shoes. Mommy thinks I have clodhopper feet, whatever that means. She bought me a pair of new white sneakers, and they're really comfotable!
3) I can copy my mommy and daddy now! Well, just a little bit. When they nod their head up and down, I smile (sometimes laugh!) and look at them and do the same thing, they think it's pretty funny and I like to play, so it's pretty fun.
4) Mommy lets me have cheerios now! I think they are really yummy (it IS a cereal, after all!) and I like the feel of it on my gums. I started with 1/4 cheerios and then went to half, and now I can do the whole cheerio all by myself! I like to try and pick them up myself, and it's really hard, but mommy says it's good for my fine motor skills. . . I guess.

*Well, I think that's it guys, I'll let mommy finish up :)

I hope you caught all of that guys! She is on the fasttrack to growing up, I just can't believe how fast it's all happening. I still don't feel old enough to have a kid. I can't get over how observant she is. I look at her as she is watching things, and she is just taking it all in. When she looks at me, I can see that she understands things now, and she doesn't have those innocent, unaware baby eyes anymore. It has been wonderful to watch her grow and even though I do get nostalgic about those days past, I have to think of all there is to look forward to. Every night when I rock her while she eats, and before I lay her down, I think of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful, healthy little girl. She makes me smile everyday, and I can't believe that Heavenly Father trusted Kris and I enough to give us such a beautiful daughter. I know that the responsibility we have is enormous, and each night I pray that we can raise her how she needs to be raised. I think about how easy it was to not have a child. My mistakes were MY mistakes, and they only affected me, but this time, if I mess up, it's Marin on the line and that is one risk I'm not willing to take.

We have also been fostering a little friend since Monday night. Mollie, a (we're guessing) purebred golden retriever 5 month old puppy came into the shelter last month, and they called us Monday after they had checked her out and gave her shots. Having a puppy in the house is. . . like having a second baby ;) She certainly is a puppy and not a full grown dog. VERY high energy, and needing LOTS of attention. She is a beautiful dog, very golden, great structure, I have a feeling she was a very expensive dog and just got lost or ran away. She's had a few acccidents the first day here, but none since then. Kris has just been in puppy heaven, he LOOOVES the dog. He's been getting up at 6am every morning to walk her (so dillgent!). We have until next Monday to decide if we're going to keep her, but I think Kris is pretty set on her, she is a pretty sweet dog.

And, after 2 months of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am now driving a legally registered vehicle! TADA! No thanks to myself however. Yesterday I drove to the Express DMV, which was, thankfully, much quicker than the other DMV, I got through the line in 10 minutes! Anyway, I was turned away and was, once again, on the verge of tears calling the isurance company and trying to get what I needed, and when I got home, Kris saw how frustrated I was, still, and took action. He called the DMV (went back to work in the meantime) and the insurance company, called me to come pick up some paperwork 20 minutes later and told me everything was fixed, I just needed to go get my stickers. What?! I didn't believe him (after all my bad luck, do you blame me?), so on the way back to the Express DMV, I called them and asked if I could pick up a duplicate registration, and they said yes. I was still a bit hesitant, but got there and walked away with my registration and stickers! UNBELIEVEABLE! I love my husband very much and am very grateful he can work his magic, but why couldn't I do that! I had been doing this for 2 months, and he he takes 20 minutes and gets it done! Ahh well, the fight is over :)

Church will be switching times soon, and I. . . can't. . . wait! 1pm is just too darn late, and 11am still gives us time to sleep in, but still have some daylight left, so it's perfect.

Not really sure what else is new here, work for both of us is the same, have a good one!

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