Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kitty Caticus Vomitus

What a day! I am sooo glad it is over, almost. Last night was Relief Society Temple night, it was a small group, but nice to chat about . . . things! And, this morning, Marin was up at 6am, bright and early, and I hadn't gotten to bed until 1. We also took Sadie to the vet today. Usually it's a pretty easy task taking a cat to the vet, but any task that rquires you to haul around even one child, becomes an event. We took her in because she's been throwing up, quite a bit. Every morning I'll come downstairs, and she has puked her undigested food (like the visual?) in the most inconvenient places. Ugh, I HATE cleaning up cat puke. So, she was due for some shots anyway, so I packaged her in the laundry basket/cat carrier-when-you-put-a-lid-on-and-bungee-cord-it and had the vet give her a once over. It turns out Sadie is sadly sicker than we thought. They found that she had a pretty significant heart murmur (meaning her heart isn't pumping as effeciently as it could), which they wanted to do additional testing for. I had already dropped a lot of money to get her undigesting belly checked out, so Kris and I talked it over, and determined we couldn't afford anything further. I haven't really notice any change in her activity level, or any trouble breathing with her over the last year, so I think maybe she has had it for longer than the vet is thinking. I'll keep an eye on her though ;) We ended up coming home with some special cat food, some pepcid, and an antibiotic, so we'll see.

Anyway, the day required 2 trips to the vet, amidst Marin's naps, feedings, lunch and etc. So when I came home I called my favorite place, the DMV, to try and sort out this registration issue that for some reason, I can't get resolved. And they gave me another run around and told me that my NEW registration was suspended for lapse of insurance, which really turns out to NOT be the case, they just have my maiden name, which they shouldn't have, and I don't know how they have that or why they have that, seeing as how my last registration, NY drivers license were in my married name. But, I can't get that resolved until the insurance company calls them or they can contact them, which, they couldn't do today. Ahhh, I can't get all frustrated again. After that, I called to schedule my eye exam, Kris came home, I fed baby, Kris left for his meeting, I munched a quick bowl of cheerios, baby had a bath and snack and bed, and now a quick blog before I get ready for work tomorrow, and Saturday. Busy weekend!

One nice thing coming up however! I am so excited! My friend Stormy, from my YSA days is coming to visit me on Monday! She was nice enough to drop me a note on Facebook last week to let me know she was coming to town, so she'll be here Monday late morning (she's been in town for a week) and I'll drive her to the airport Tuesday morning. She was one of my best friends in college, and I really miss her!

And one more milestone for miss Marin. The other day, She was sitting up on the bed by herself (Oh yeah, check! That one's mastered!) playing, and Kris walked into the room, she looked up at Kris, and said "Dadadadadada". It might be incidental, but she said it. Kris is just pleased as punch of course. Already daddy's girl, what am I to do?

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Picture time!

Marin is going after the garbage can here. She reeeeally wants that bag lining.

Silly Girl!

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