Sunday, August 17, 2014

New York, The Beginning!

The kids and I flew out to Upstate New York on August 2nd for a ten day stint, and honestly, the whole trip is kind of a blur.  We were SO busy and I was SO tired, sheesh!  WE flew out on a red-eye, and let me tell you, I would rather fly with a newborn and two kids, than to be pregnant and fly with two kids.  Flying while 7 months pregnant is the pits!  I was so uncomfortable and had tired, sleeping children sprawled all over my lap.  And my feet...oh my poor feet really took a beating.  I was able to stave off constant swelling before the trip by making sure I kept them up for an hour during the day, and Kris would rub them at night for me.  But since the trip, there is no recovering.  They are swollen all day, every day...even in the morning.  They will be swollen until delivery!

We landed in Syracuse in the morning and we all had naps.  My sister and her husband and two kids drove up from GA with my brother's little girl, and they arrived around dinnertime.  My little brother, Jacob came downstairs to join in, and the kids were highly intrigued.  Jacob pretends to have this disdain for children, but for some reason, the LOVE him.  We're not sure why, exactly but they just think he's hilarious.  He actually does have a good time, even though he deny's that in full.
 That first night we played a board that I am so not familiar with.  I was really struggling.  My poor brain had so little sleep, and pregnancy makes me kind of...well, dumb anyway.  It was all I could do to get through the game!
 Sunday we went to the Greene Branch.  It's always so nice to see people I have loved for so long.  We took the opportunity after church to take some pictures.  The kids were really so good all things considered.
 My mother with five of her seven grandchildren.  She was in heaven!  From left:  Lydia Welch, Clara Welch, Emily Owens, Marin Lyman, Owen Lyman.
All together!  My sister Tabitha on the left, my mother, Alison and Myself on the right.


 Just the three of us.  I have to tell you, every time someone comments on my belly, it's something along the lines of  "Oh, not much longer for you, it looks like!".  They seem a little surprised when I tell them I'm due in October!  I didn't think I was that big...

 A picture of me and my babies.  I love this picture, so so cute!
 I have more pictures to share, but I'll need to post them another day.

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