Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eight Years!

August 17th brought us to eight years of marriage, CRAZY!  How in the world did that happen so fast?!  It's funny because it feels like we've been married forever, and at the same time it feels like we just took the plunge.  We kept it pretty simple this year, just dinner out and an evening in at home; the kids were at Kris's mom's house overnight, so that was fabulous!

We went to a steakhouse in Layton, Corbin's.  It was absolutely delish!
 Mmmm, a little passionfruit smoothie.

 Some seafood 'martini'.  It was totally hitting the spot, even though I have SO not wanted seafood while pregnant, I really craved this fresh appetizer.
I can't resist a filet of beef, it's my fave, because I don't have to worry eating a chunk of fat (blech!), and it's so ridiculously tender!  I ate the whole thing, served with a trio of amazing sauces (pictured behind).  I figured if I was going to pig out, I should do it with protein.
 Kristoffer had a strip steak smothered in onions and mushrooms.  Don't mind all the food pictures.
 Dessert was a chocolate molten lava cake. YUM.  Who doesn't love chocolate and cake and gooey all in one?
 We took a few celebratory pictures....

 I love being crazy with this guy.  We can be total dorks together.

And a couple of belly shots.  32 weeks, sheesh!  Where is the time going?! 

 I'll be perfectly honest, I have had quite a number of people come up to me with comments like "Wow, must be getting pretty close, now!", and then when I tell them I have eight weeks left, they look at me like I'm joking, and then they look at me with pity.  I didn't really think I looked that big, or WAS that big for that matter.  I've never been pregnant in Utah before, though, so perhaps I'm big in terms of Utah pregnancy? 
We also had a little, surprise before the kids and I went to NY.  Kristoffer lost his job the day before we left.  Kris has seen the signs for a long time now that his department has been struggling, and the time for him finally came.  I can't say that either of us are devastated, it seems as though there is a plan for us as a family, and for Kristoffer and his career.  We are scrambling to figure out what to do in terms of having a baby soon, but truly, we are at peace knowing that whatever happens, all will be well.  The Lord has a plan, and I would rather have this trial than a myriad of any other trials we could face.  Even in times like this, I feel enormously blessed.  I have so much and money is only money.  We are still looking forward to the arrival of our sweet girl!

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Colleen said...

You look so cute! I haven't even seen you in person since you've started looking pregnant! I hope we get to work together at least once before your sweet baby girl makes her arrival! You look so cute! Happy Anniversary! I hope your hubby finds an awesome and amazing job soon! :)