Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NY-Boldt Castle

My mother had SO been wanting to take the kids up to Boldt Castle, on the St. Lawrence River, so we prepared ourselves for the long 2&1/2 hour drive and set off.  It was...ahem...a very difficult trip.  What was supposed to be a 2&1/2 hour drive up, turned into 4 hours.  I felt so bad for the kids, they had just had enough.  My sister's youngest, 18 month old Clara was just done with not having her naps and being stuffed into a car seat and not being able run.  BUT, we made it.

Here is a picture of the boat that I took Kristoffer on for a lunch cruise right before we were married.  Such happy memories!
 Four of the five kids on the ferry over to Boldt Castle.  Owen is totally loving the ride, if you can see his happy little cheek.
 Happy....and very tired.  I think this boy was in the middle of a growth spurt while we were there; his appetite was absolutely insatiable!
 It was a gorgeous day.  Personally, I was hot, but these days, I'm *always* hot.  Hands and feet on fire....all the time.
My mom with little Clara.  Having kids around the water and on the docks made me on NERVOUS pregnant mama, oy vey, I was a bundle of nerves having five non-swimmers on the docks!
 Boldt Castle *was* lovely.  It reminded me of everything in Downton Abbey.  Just so pretty and stately.
 The ballroom.  All of the girls were happy to dance and run.

 The Castle guides were a little on edge having kids there.  I thought one of them was going to have a heart attack when Owen ducked underneath one of the rope barriers and ran to sit on a chair!
 The grounds were so pretty.  After we took our hasty, self-guided tour, we sat on the lawn and let the kids just run and run.  They needed it, poor things.
We managed the drive back a little better and ended up feeding the kids in the car on the way and then they fell asleep watching a movie.  It was a day that, as a tired, swollen pregnant mama, I could have skipped, but in the end, we got some great pictures, eh?!

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