Monday, August 18, 2014


When you get a bunch of little kids together, you may just end up with a mouse funeral on your hands.  My mom has a cat that is quite the hunter, and the kids found one of his....ummm...catches.  They were strictly instructed not to touch the mouse, but were permitted to cover it with rocks and flowers, which was promptly executed. I'm totally cool with that.  It's a dead mouse, I'm sure they will survive.  They also washed their hands after anyway.

 We took the kids to the Science Center in Ithaca one day, SUCH a great things for them.  A million things to do, and indoors, so this mama was happy.  Of course I forgot to take my phone inside, pictures for you!  We stopped at a farmstand on the way and it was wonderful.  I love NY farmstands.  So beautiful!
 And then we ate lunch at a park on the lake.  The breeze coming off the water was absolutely divine!  I could have stayed there ALL day!
The next day we headed up to Skaneatales (Skinny-atlas).  It's just not a trip home without going to Skaneatales.  Usually we like to do this trip as just adults, but we couldn't get a sitter, so we took the kids....and it was uh....busy.  Not the usual trip for us, but at least we got to go!
 The kids had to check out the little jewelry shop...even my poor son.
 Marin found something she liked!
 How do two moms look after having a hectic lunch with kids?
And then we drove over to MacKenzie Childs.  A home furnishing/decor company that owns some property near Auburn and has their showroom and offices there.  It's so gorgeous there and the grounds are just lovely.  The kids ate their treats on the grass by the pond. 
 Picture perfect.

 Um, gorgeous!

 The geese hoping for a few crumbs off little Clara's cookie.
Lydia....she is A+ photobomber.
 And this random picture...this old lappy was the one I used in Nursing school...and the one I sent and received all those e-mails to and from my Kristoffer....all those years ago.  So nostalgic.
Stay tuned for more!

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