Friday, October 4, 2013

The Kitchen!

I can *finally* post some pictures for y'all on my kitchen, wohoo!  I would say we are about 90% done, and that makes me SUPER happy.  It has been  Way more time and effort than I initially thought, but way cheaper than I initially thought, surprisingly.  We've spent about $300 give or take a few on the kitchen so far.  All we have left to do is put up the backplash and hang on additional open shelf.  And in case you were wondering, I *LOVE* with a capital "L" tha way this kitchen has turned out.  Just amazing.  

So take a look at the before pics:
Lots of gold/oak-ish pink cabinets/ orange-y red on wallpaper.

 We had also just moved in when I took some of these, hence the mess.
 Big, boxy cabinets next to a bright open window....oh yes, they came down.

 Functional, but we just prettied them up a bit.
 Whoops, there's my cutie in the kitchen.

 Clearing it out a few weeks ago.
AFTER: TADAAA!  Well, almost done anyway...
 I love love love it.  It looks so great.  Perhaps because we put so much effort into the kitchen is why I love it so much?  If you are thinking about painting your cabinets, take some time off and plan on finding a babysitter for a week. 
 Removing everything from our kitchen was very....strange.  It's not normal for a woman to do this, my friends!  And when your kitchen is in shambles, the rest of your life is chaos.  It made my skin CRAWL living in a big fat mess for 10 days, ugh.  BUT, totally worth it.
 So let's talk, sand, prime, sand, prime, paint, sand, paint.  Yup, you will be ready for the mental institution by the time you finish.  And the crown molding?  Yeah, we had all sorts of fun adventures learning how to cut it at the angle it needed to be cut at.  Let's just say there was a veritable crown molding graveyard just off our back porch.
 These, are my open shelves.  I LOVE them.  We have one more to hang, but look how pretty!  They balance out the big window *perfectly* and I love the way my white dishes look on them.  No, the painters tape isn't permanent....
 Someday I'll get some lights up above the shelves.  But that's a loong time from now.
 Still deciding on a backsplash.  I'm hovering between round-sparkly shell like, or long, thin carerra marble.  My girly side likes the sparkly shell concept, but my adult side likes the marble strips.  Hmmm.

 Beadboarb wallpaper, love it!!
 Who's got two thumbs and is smiling now?  Uh this gal.

 The drop station.  I love that I have a cabinet to hide all of our paperwork.  Kristoffer and I each have a black basket inside to separate our bills, which is working really well for us.  And now, with a little lamp in the corner, Marin has a spot to do homework, and she loves it.  It's so cute to see her sitting on the stool being a big girl!
So there you have it.  One MAJOR project, almost totally done, and it feels goooood.  I'm so happy with it. Oh, and we chose 'Swiss Coffee' from Behr.  It's not a full on white, and it's not quite cream, maybe a milky hue?  Anyway, not too bright, not too soft.  And it's getting cold outside, so I'm not sure how many more furniture projects I'll be able to get done this winter, we shall see!

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