Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perfect Fall Saturday

This past Saturday, we really needed to just be together as a family.  It had been a busy week, and we were ready for some fun.  We headed to a, honestly, I don't remember the name.  It was a perfect day, so gorgeous.  Sunshine, a light breeze, blue skies, just perfect, I couldn't have picked a more perfect fall day.

It was just the right size, too.  Not overwhelming like when we've been to other places...just way too huge.  Our kids are still little, so this was fun, they had some medium and big slides, a tube slide, a corn-box (like a sand box, but with corn), hayrides, tractor rides, corn shooting, animals, etc.  

I tried to get a shot of Owen sitting in the pumpkin box, but he had his sights on something else.... this giant wheel that, to him, resembled a wheel on a pirate ship.

 Awww, there's my cute babies, I guess they aren't really babies anymore.

 Feeding the baby cows.

 Owen loved playing in the corn box, he just laid down and rolled around.  I didn't really mind.  I much prefer these corn boxes over dirt sand boxes.
 They had a couple of these slides fixed to some hay bales, this was the bigger one.  It was actually really fun...I know, I tried it ;)
 The other one was smaller, and both kids played so well together.  Marin would climb up and wait for Owen, and they would hold hands and go down the slide together.  Priceless.
 They also inflated a hot air balloon, which was just neat to watch.
We had a minor scare, Marin went missing for about half an hour.  I was waiting in line for some popcorn and hot cider, and Kristoffer had the kids playing on the slide, and she must have run off to do something else, and we couldn't find her.  The whole area was fenced in, so I knew she didn't wander into the wilderness.  We thought maybe she was waiting in line (up the stairs) to go down the tube slide, so we waited at the bottom for a while.  No Marin.  Finally I started to make the round and look for her, I found her on the opposite side of the 'field', and she was just running around looking for us.  She started crying when I found her and the poor girl was so scared we were going to leave her there.  We'll have to make sure we decide on a plan next time in case anyone gets lost.  

All in all, so glad we had the day together, it was just what we needed as a family, and soaked up the fall sun.

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Valerie said...

Half an hour is a really long time to be panicking and looking for a child (or a parent). I'm glad it ended well! Looks like lots of fun besides that.