Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Change

Saturday was a happy day, and at the end of the day, Kristoffer needed to stop by Home Depot on our way home.  I told him I would join him since I wanted to look at tile for the kitchen.  We had just bought tires for my car, which turned out to be not as pricey as I thought, we found a killer deal on nice tires at Wal-Mart, and had some cash from a mild fender bender a few months ago.  ANYWAY, as we were walking toward the tile, we passed by some flooring, and I was actually really impressed with one particular laminate flooring.  It was extra thick, looked like hardwood, didn't have that shiny-laminate look to it, and was the right shade.  The price?  A STEAL!!  We talked to the associate who is putting the same flooring in her own home, and she mentioned she called another dealer (haha, dealer??), and the best price they could offer was still way more than what HD had it priced at.  So....we jumped in with both feet.  This is pretty typical Lyman shenanigans.  BUT, we can FINALLY say goodbye to the blue carpet!!

I took a bunch of before's, even thought the flooring isn't fully installed yet.
 Oh-so-blue in the dining room.  So glad I'm not going to have carpet in the dining room anymore.

 The living room all cleared out, and my little Pirate boy to the right.  He loves his Halloween costume.

 We let Owen take the pliers to the carpet, he loves to help, of course!
 Just after ripping it up.

 Towards the end of the day, I started to really not feel well at all.  My back was killing, and I was starting to come down with a nasty cold, so Marin stepped in to help daddy.  She's getting to big, and can really actually help out!
 This was a picture of where we stopped that first night.  The actual laying of the flooring goes pretty quick, but the prep-work takes forever.  Especially when your ripping out tackboard and nails and staples, oh my.  We've completed more since this picture, and have ripped up the small strip of actual hardwood that was in front of the door...which was in pretty rough shape anyway.  I'm super excited to finish this and take a full on AFTER pic, so hopefully by this weekend??  This is about the last BIG project we had to do.  Now, it's all know, things that won't put my house into chaos, that will be nice!!
Stay tuned for a finished room!

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