Monday, October 28, 2013

Floors, DONE.

Can I finally say that the floors are pretty much done?  Wohoo!  The whole process, moderate.  The prep work is pretty meticulous, laying the actual flooring is actually easy, but when you come to angles, and areas that require custom cuts, it's pretty un-fun.  We busted out the whole room in pretty much two days, but the final patch in front of the front door and around the stair area took an entire day in and of itself.  Poor Kristoffer.  I am so impressed with how it looks, and amazed that I'm liking a laminate floor this much.  Honestly, this stuff was cheaper than our carpet...a STEAL!!!

Take a look!!

It opened up the space SO much, and the whole house jumped 20 years into the present considering that blue carpet that used to be there.

It truly brings everything together.

I'm still planning on giving those two chairs a makeover.  Well, there is a third chair, so all three.  No rush.  This floor has kicked us, we need a little break.

Yeah, I need to capture the moment when it's actually nice and clean....
Today Kristoffer finished running electrical to his shed.  So happy for that.  The shed just needs power, and I will need some power for my chicken coop.  Just finishing up some big projects feels great, so happy to breathe and soak in the fall...which, seems as though it ended, well, today.  I took Owen for a nice long walk at the park and it sure was breezy, and then around 2pm, the winds got cold and blew off all the leaves from the trees and rain came.  Sounds like November weather to me!


Colleen said...

Looks awesome! Great job!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Wow! Can't believe you guys did that yourself! Looks great and your house is adorable! Also, LOVE your family picture at the top! :)