Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Lyman Family Fun

We've been loving fall, ok, well, I'VE been totally loving fall.  We've been working on this house full tilt throughout the summer...the hot weather, and now that we have a some of the big items done, it's nice to slow down with the weather and take a nice deep breath of cool, crisp air.  We still have things we'll be working on over the winter, but nothing huge.  PLUS, with cooler weather, you get to decorate for fall (which I LOVE), it's my favorite season to decorate for...not as cluttered as Christmas, not as flowery (which leads to dead flowers) for spring, and more dressed up than summer.  AND you get to bake delicious fall treats, mmmmm!

So here's my little guy, and I think we have reason to celebrate, he's pretty much daytime potty trained!!  Wohooo!!  I was dreading it, honestly.  I hate potty training.  It's just messy and gross.  It goes against every little fiber in my mother-being...which is to prevent messes!  And I have zero tolerance for those kinds of messes, knowing I created the situation to have a mess.  Kristoffer totally heard me, and we decided to spearhead the potty training the weekend of General Conference, since we would be home all weekend.  Kris totally helped out SO much, and that was a lifesaver, especially in the early days...with the messes.  My hubby is so patient, love that man.  It's been almost two weeks, and Owen is doing *great*.  He runs right in when he needs to go, and tells his teacher in nursery at church.  Such a big boy.  So glad not to be using diapers anymore (well, except at night)..

 This is a mouse.  We were cleaning out the garage Saturday, and I heard some squeek-squeeking from behind the freezer...I listened closely, and no doubt about it...mice.  We set some traps and we've caught six mice so far.  Yeah, not sure how I should feel about that.
 Where I work, they make these *amazing* baked apples, they are really so delish.  So I experimented and made some the other night, and they were YUMMY!  I'll need to practice a few more times to get it just right, but it sure was a tasty start!
 Oh, and we had breakfast for dinner one night, gluten free banana nut brown sugar waffles....my fave.  So so so good.
 I saw this at the NPS store the other day, it totally made me laugh.  This was an actual ream of paper, haha!
 My cutie girl.  She loves to play pumpkin shoppe, so she gathers all of my pumpkins/gourdes/halloween decor and sets up shoppe.  Cute girl.  This was Sunday before General Conference.
 Oh, my son.  Owen found the bleach spray the other day.  That boy.  We just bought these two articles of clothing...fortunately at DI...and he bleached his own shirt (my favorite of the bunch) and daddy's new sweatpants (his new favorite).  That little boy, my Mr. Mischievous.
So here we are, just loving fall and breathing deep.  Enjoy it before the snow comes!!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Oh my, that Dunder Mifflin paper is hilarious!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Man I miss your cooking!