Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Phew, after all of this posting, we have FINALLY made it to the Christmas Day post!  Not that we did anything spectacular, but there was a lot to fill in!  So Christmas morning finally found us, and for *once*, it was nice to see my hubby get excited about something....or rather, more excited than me.  He woke me up and grinned and just about shoved me out of bed, silly.

We made Marin drink her sippy cup of milk before we went to see the gifts, just to have something in her tummy.  Look at this excited girl!  And check out that little puppy Owen is holding; his name is Jingle, and Owen loves his sweet new puppy, and now takes it to bed with him.

Marin got a real tea set from Grandpa and Grandma, and we have already had a little tea party, she loves it!
 Owen, the big brute, evidently could not wait a second longer for his candy, and busted right through the middle of this plastic tube, sheesh!

 We hold with my family tradition of separating the gifts.  Family gifts go under the tree, and Santa gifts are grouped together in different areas around the room.
 Santa left a sweet note for Marin thanking her for the delicious monkey bread.

 Owen, sorting through his stocking stash.
 This year, Santa brought two tiny boxes of cereal for each kid as stocking stuffers.  It worked out great, since we don't buy that kind of cereal, and it's kind of a treat for them, but WAY better than filling with only candy.  Plus, the kids got to munch on something while we waited for breakfast to bake while opening gifts.  I think this might be a new tradition!
 What little girl doesn't love a cupcake purse?
 Getting into ripping off the paper.
 Ahhh, the hubby with some new tools.  You can bet he was a happy camper!
 Owen got a dress-up firefighter outfit, and he LOVED it.  He wore it all day and kept saying "firefighter!!".
Trine and Barry came over for dinner that night, and we kept it pretty simple.  I made some lasagna roll-ups, which were soooooo delicious.  Totally making them again, and I will have to share the recipe on my food blog!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season.  I am so glad that Christmas is at the end of the year to help an otherwise very sad and cold end of the year, become a magical and wonderful celebration.  I am grateful to Rite-Aid for playing Handel's Messiah while I was searching for a stocking stuffer...we need more real Christmas music that pays tribute to Christ, and we need more people to *hear* it!  I am grateful for the many wonderful things that have happened this year, and I am grateful for the not so wonderful things that have yes, given me a few more wrinkles, but have brought me closer to my Savior.  I hope to carry this wonderful Christmas Spirit with me into the new year and make 2013 one of our best year's yet.

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