Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Journal Entry: Finding Christ Through Grief

I am hoping that someday, my little blog will turn into a real book...a journal, for my children and grandchildren to read through someday.  A journal to bring laughter and tears, and perhaps even a few moments of contemplative wisdom to a future generation.

So I write with the images and thoughts of this horrible school shooting that took place today in Connecticut.  A shooting that claimed the lives of 20 children and 8 adults.  I am beyond heartbroken for this tragedy, and for the grief stricken parents and families who lost a child or mother, or wife, or husband or father today.  Being a mother of two sweet children, I become overwhelmed to even imagine my poor daughter being in that school today; being terrified of some maniacal stranger with a gun, perhaps watching him shoot her classmates, and fearing for her life.  My soul chokes in anguish to even imagine how it must have been for these poor, sweet, innocent children, and the helpless teachers who tried to protect them.

My plea to the world, and to all who will lend an open ear, and heart, is to find Christ and initiate Him in your home.

The controversial Christ that no one seems to believe in until we need something, like strength, or mercy, or peace and comfort.  He lives.  If even you doubt of His divinity, and can only even grant that He was a mortal man who lived on this earth, His teachings of love, faith, peace, charity, kindness will change your life, and the lives of your children.  We have become so lax, so lazy with our duties as a person, and a parent, that we have slipped into a spiritual coma, and have become dead to the promptings that are screaming in our ear to wake up and take action!  The world is teaching our children!  See what the world has become?!  A terrible, dark, evil fortress of suffering and deceit.  The world will tell you lies.  The world will tell you that you don't need Christ to be a good person, that you don't need Christ to raise good kids.  The world will tell you that there is no hope, that there is no Christ.

I am telling you...that He lives.  You *do* need Christ.  Your *children* NEED Christ.  He and only He can offer the peace and guidance that will save the lives of countless people.  If we fail to do the right thing, if we fail to teach our children of Christ's pure love, and send them out into the world to be taught by Satan, then who else can we blame in the end but ourselves?

If there EVER was a time to reconsider bringing Christ into your home, NOW is it.  The world will continue to become darker, and we must provide ourselves and our children with the way, the truth, and the light that will guide them through.  As a mother, I PLEAD with you to think of how today's events could have been so very different if someone had applied the principles of Christ's love to this singular man who has inflicted death and pain on so many families.  

I need Christ, and YOU....whoever you are reading this, you need him, too.

I pray for the sweet families of the fallen today.  May they know that a loving Savior is tenderly embracing each of those children, no matter student or teacher.  That there is a warm, happy homecoming for them without pain or fear.  And each of the fallen today, are praying that WE can all return to Christ.

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What a beautiful post!