Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Preschool Christmas Program

Marin had her preschool Christmas program the other week, and it was absolutely adorable.  That moment of parenthood where I suddenly felt really old...and like I was MY parents!  Either way, it was adorable.  She performed two cute little Christmas songs with her class and another class, and it was so sweet.  I just loved watching my little girl interact and accomplish something which, is kind of a challenge for a four year old!  She did great, we are so proud of her!

There's my little Marin in the middle with the pink pants.

 Working hard to remember what's next!

Sweet girl, all done with her performance.
 A picture with little bro.
 Look at that cutie face, oh my goodness, I just love that girl.
We are so proud of Marin.  I had a short conference with her teacher before break, and Marin is such a smart cookie!  She has been doing great with her letters and sounds, and will be ready to start reading in January, ack!!  I cannot even believe that!  Her teacher also mentioned that she has really progressed socially; initially Marin was quite shy and uncertain, but has really come out of her shell, and I am so grateful for that.  I can teach all the self confidence in the world, but having Marin be able to implement that confidence completely independent of my presence is so wonderful.  Look out, world!