Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Talent Show

We had a SUPER fun family dinner and talent show the Sunday before Christmas.  And when I say super, I mean totally super *awesome*!  We feasted on a traditional Scandinavian dinner of cabbage and carrots, parsnip mash, Swedish meatballs, lingonberry sauce and other amazing dishes.  So delicious!

After we finished our meal, we commenced our first annual Family Talent Show!  We really did make an effort to have everyone find a talent, and I totally struggled, but we found success in the end!!

Bestemor and Barry did a cute puppet show on the true meaning of Christmas, told by Chico the Chicken (from Mexico).

 Justin the Great performed his mind reading trick!
 Kristoffer being amazed at Justin's mind reading abilities.
 Marin attempting to sing and dance...while Owen tries to assist.
 Marin doing some more dance moves.  Owen's talent was making animal noises, by the way.
 Estelle played a song on the piano, she did great!
 My amazing hubby performed a Christmas medley on his sax; have I ever mentioned he played the sax?
 My talent was sharing a rendition of "T'was the night before Christmas" that I had rewritten which chronicled our Lyman family adventures over the past year.  I'll have to put in another post and share it!
 Our final talent that Kristoffer and I shared, was making a fruit salad.  Quelle ordinaire?  Not quite, my patient friends!  Kristoffer may have worn the apron, but his arms were behind his back, while I stood behind and used my hands in place of his.  It was pretty darned funny, if I say so myself.  No pictures, but just imagine Kristoffer doing the commentary with a Mexican accent, and Samantha trying to cut up fruit with a  butter knife.  Oh yeah, we totally rocked it.

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Austie Bost said...

Hey, why weren't there any pictures of you two doing the fruit salad trick? *laughing* You mean you couldn't handle a camera and a salad at the same time? :D Adorable pictures, thank you for sharing!