Monday, December 10, 2012


Well if this isn't the modge-podge, catch-all of all blog posts, I don't know what is!!  Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Sooooo, my Turkey Trot!  I went, I ran, I survived!  I will say that waking up on a cold Thanksgiving morning and hauling myself out of bed at 630am to drive 30 miles and pay to run 3 miles with a bunch of strangers, I really questioned my sanity!  BUT, I ran the whole thing, no walking, no stopping, just a straight run!  It wasn't what I thought, though.  I was hoping for a bit of adrenaline to breeze me through the first mile, but no such luck; I couldn't even hear the "GO", so all of the sudden people started running, and we were off!  It was still a hard run.  Running is still hard for me, but I did it!

Marin and I with my flowers and chocolate from the hubs....notice who's holding my chocolate....

 Terrible lighting, and well, no make-up, but here you have it!
 So, then we spent Thanksgiving at Kristoffer's little sister's house (Melodie is the cute brunette in the front left).  Everything was wonderful!  The food, the family, the games.  We played Apples to Apples (one of my FAVE games), and we were all having so much fun.  I waaaaay over-ate on the dessert end, and actually lost it when we got home; was that TMI?
 Decorating the Christmas tree!  Marin hung just about every single ornament, she was on FIRE, this girl was, wow!  I hung a select few special ornaments...but only after I pried them from Marin's little fingers and a few complaints.
 Owen trying to help, cute buddy.
 Look at that sweet face!
 Focused on that tree!
 Happy girl.
 This year, we've started the 'Elf on the Shelf' tradition.  It's been super fun, and a way cute way to look forward to Christmas.  Marin loves finding where the elf is hiding every morning, and so far, he has crunched on a candycane, hidden in the ornaments on the tree, given us a string of cranberry garland, taken a marshmallow bath, and given us magic gum-drop beans (which we planted in sugar and they grew lollipops for the next morning).  Christmas is soooo magical having a 4 year old!

 Aaaah, this is Owen tonight, on his FOURTH bowl of leek soup!  Happy boy!  Wait for it........

 And this is Owen last week, not eating ANY dinner, and not being able to have dessert.  Not a happy camper.  Such a tough lesson to learn when your little :(  He'll get there, big sister has caught on, and he will too.

 December, the Children's Discovery at Gateway has admission for 2 dollars less than regular price!  So we hopped on board and took the kids this past Saturday.  So fun to watch them run and learn and play and interact.

 I could not pull Owen off of this little stool, he loved it.
 He loved wearing this hat at the construction zone, such a little boy!

 Marin, taking charge!
 Having a little princess moment, the crown and wand light up, so it's extra wonderful.
 Flat rate boxes ship pretty much anything these days!

I'm sure I'm missing a few things here and there, but I will try to keep up on the blogging!

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

They are getting so big! I want to do Elf on the Shelf some day. :)