Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tulip Festival

Phew!  I've only uploaded pictures for ONE blog post and I am bushed!  I've let some super fun posts just stack up, but in my defense, it's been busy!  I've started my new job and that transition has kept me on my toes and orientation is pushing 28 to 30 hours a week (you full timers are laughing at me!). But really, it's been great, I'm already feeling some balance.

So, the other weekend, we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point for their tulip festival.  It was a gorgeous bright, sunny day and the tulips were in full bloom, absolutely perfect.  And tulips are my favorite flower, I just love them!

Look at those perfectly bright beauties!

 My little family!
 Marin smelling the flowers.
 This has got to be my absolute favorite picture of Marin, she is so cute!
 You've got to expect an eye-full of these lovelies.
Marin....attempting to roll down the hill...
 "Playing" some bells, Owen wasn't impressed.
 (Above): WE found a shady spot to have a slurpee and some kettle corn.

Ok, so while daddy was getting our treat, we waited by the Chick-fil-a tent, and had a close encounter of the moo-ing kind.  I had both of the kids standing next to me and noticed that they had the chick-fil-a mascot (see cow, below) wandering through the crowd, waving at people.  I didn't think anything of it until the cow wandered our way and I felt a frantic clawing at my pant leg.  Poor Owen was beside himself with fright, so I picked up the poor guy and every muscle in his little body was tense with fear.  He clung to me for all he was worth until I pried his fingers from my skin.
Neither of the children wanted much to do with that cow.
 Owen was keeping an eye out for that cow loooong after he was gone.

 Yellow and orange.
 (Above):  The famous waterfall fountains (if that's what they're called).  This reminded me of Versaille so much, it was absolutely beautiful!
 Oh, my sweet babies, they are just so adorable.
 Owen occupied himself by gently filling the tulips with mulch, what a big helper.
Those cute kids, they are so funny together.
 Taking a walk with big sis. 
 My boys.
Owen loved this little fountain, look at that face!
 Daddy would out his hand in front of the water-shooter and it would spray water everywhere, he thought this was the best thing ever....
 .....and so did Marin.
We were so happy we went, and we will be going next year!

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