Friday, May 4, 2012


My birthday is April 30th, and while, at this point, I'm not exactly thrilled about getting older, I always look forward to my birthday because I can usually treat myself a little bit, and my husband treats me pretty well, too.  This year, I also tossed in a little new-job treat as part of my birthday present, so I had a very happy weekend.

I knew that Kristoffer had planned a Friday to Saturday birthday excursion for me, so we arranged for the kids to stay at GG's (great grand-ma's) and Friday I woke up wondering what to do while I twiddled my thumbs and waited fro Kris to come home.  I knew I should go to the gym, but I would have to come home and wash my hair and dry it and that would take forever.  I knew I should have gone grocery shopping, but I sooooo didn't want to do that.  Then, I had a brilliant idea...I needed to buy a little birthday outfit for my evening with the hubs!  SOLD.  I don't ever get the chance to buy new clothes, so I was super excited and bundled the kids up and headed out.  I found a few things that fit and looked super cute, and as I tried them on in the dressing room, Marin would say, "Mommy, you look so pretty!"...I need to take her with me more often!

So...our evening!  I wore my new maxi dress, and shoes, did my hair and make-up and dropped the kids off at GG's.  Kristoffer first took me to pick out a new last purse I bought in Paris....2 year ago.  Yup, it was in pretty sad shape.

 I'm already a happy girl with a new purse.
 Then we went to this Japanese restaurant called The Naked Fish.  Kristoffer had ordered the Chef's experience, which was a plethora of dishes from the menu.  The first plate was 100% sashimi....a lot of it.  It was delicious, but it was...a lot of raw fish, haha!  Then we started getting some cooked dishes and refular sushi.  It was absolutely delicious and I was absolutely stuffed by the time we left!

This was our "live" dish...they pulled this guy from his tank, chopped his head off and plated it, then plated his body (sounds so barbaric), and his front tentacles were still moving when they brought him to our table!
 So, we found our that Kristoffer actually home teaches the guy who owns this place!  He was there that night and would come out after each dish and give us the insider scoop about where they get the product, how they store it, cook it, and all of these amazing facts.  He hooked us up with some sugary green Japanese drinkage.
 I'm not typically a big fan of calamari.  It's chewy and gummy and not a pleasant chewing experience...but this calamari was *delicious*.  It was tender, fresh and amazing.  The owner told us it was more like he was cheating, because it was sushi grade calamari.
 Mmmm, these were my favorite, I love my California rolls!
 These were so good too.....
 THEN, we went to the symphony for Mozart's Requiem.  It was lovely to be sitting and listening to music that was written 250 years ago, a little piece of history!

 So I love when you ask a stranger to take your picture, and they do a terrible job.  They get more of the background in the picture than you, they take it a horrible know, so you look awful.  Sigh.
 And THEN we headed to the Hilton for a night in the presidential suite.  Kristoffer had a big fat slice of chocolate cake for me, some Martinelli's, a rose, a card, and a suite that's bigger than our house!  They had a huge tub with jets that we took advantage of, and a niiiiice king sized bed that we attempted to use to sleep in the next morning.  And, we slept in until....8:30am.  Yup.  Oh my, the curse of parenthood.  The suite came with a yummy breakfast in their restaurant the next morning.
I was super spoiled for this birthday, and I love my hubby so much.  He always makes such an effort to give me a great birthday.  Thanks baby!  He made turning 28, much more wonderful!


Christy Wheeler said...

Now that's a birthday! I don't even need to say I hope it was a good one because it WAS an awesome one!

Valerie said...

Happy belated birthday!! So glad it was awesome. My birthdays are like any other day, always have been.