Monday, May 21, 2012

Norwegian Festival

Saturday was unexpectedly and delightfully busy and productive, it's just the best way to spend a Saturday that seems to slip away before we have a chance to acknowledge it.

That morning, we met Kristoffer's family at the Norwegian Festival for some music and a parade and some hot dogs and Norwegian chocolates (mmmmmm......).  Marin and her new friend, Estelle, had SO much fun traipsing around the park together with poor little Charlotte in tow on the leash.  That little doggie was such a good sport to keep up with two energetic girls!

It was a bright, sunny, beautiful morning, and here we all are!

 Marin and Estelle, who is 7.
 Melodie and Justin.
 Trine and Barry.
 We tried and we tried and tried again to get a cute little family shot, and this about as good as it got.  It's only getting more and more difficult as we add children; it's a lot of coordination!
 Owen and daddy, he loves his daddy.
 Look at my handsome BIG boy!  How can it be that he is getting so...BIG? 

 My boys.
 Marin had a little tussle with the pavement, and it left a souvenir on her knee.  She was totally fine with her scrape...until we got home and then you would have thought someone chopped her foot off; she was limping and whining and crying.  Such drama!
 Marin and Estelle.  Right after this picture, Marin informed me that she needed to wash her hands because she had been playing with the worm, haha, oh my!
We loved being with family, and even though I don't understand more than about four Norwegian words, I can at least look a little like them...and bring my Nordic looking babies! 

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