Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Also, as part of my super productive Saturday, I discovered a little nugget of happiness...a sparkly sprinkle of smiles and "oh-my-goodness!".  My wonderful mother in law had a veritable pictorial treasure on her phone (and camera) and let me peruse through her pictures that were 5 and more years old! 

I really almost put myself into shock looking through pictures of me, and Kristoffer and pregnancy and EVERYTHING!  She was so sweet and let me copy them to my external hard drive, so now, they have a place in my files, and a place on my blog!!

And, you lucky dogs, you get to see them (most of them)!  These are in no particular order, by the way!

Look at this fresh faced fellow, boy is HE a young spring chicken!  Not to say that my husband is old...but he's more like an early-summer-chicken now...which is great...I like chickens either way; this isn't coming out quite right...

 Indeed, it's true, this super thin girl with make-up and hair-do and rested eyes is me!  Looooong ago, far away it seems.  Aaaah, the sacrifice for motherhood.
 A pregnant Samantha in 2008.
 Our little girl!  It's hard to believe she will be FOUR years old this year!!
 I loved those little striped PJ's.
 Marin and aunt Melodie.
 There's her chubby cheekers!  She had the best chubby cheeks.
Four months.
 This isn't my picture, but it made me laugh...it still does.  Not that I typically share these types of things, but seriously!
 Poor Kristoffer was caught mid-face-adjustment.  We had just given Kris's mom a Christmas card that said on the front "A Child is Born"...and on the inside, we put our due date.  This was how we told her we were pregnant with Marin back in December 2007.
 Marin a few weeks after Owen was born.
 A family picture after Owen was born.  This one actually isn't too bad!
 Kristoffer and little sister, Melodie.
Owen and Daddy!
 Heading out the door after my water broke with Marin.
 You can't see it, but that is total contraction face right there!
 Aren't you lucky, you get to see my swollen post-delivery face!  And a brand new Marin :)
 Little girl.
Six weeks after Marin was born.
 Cute girl.
 Family pictures, July 2009.
 Look at her little tongue sticking out!
 Kristoffer graduating with his MBA.
May 2010, graduation.
 Marin at 2&1/2
 Family of four.
 One last graduation picture.
I have LOVED looking through these pictures, it was SUCH a treat!! 

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Scotty and Emi said...

These are SO COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!! The Norwegian festival looked like it was fun, too!