Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm In a Hurry to Get Things Done

"Oh I, rush and rush and rush until life's no fun......All I really want to do is live and die, but, I'm in a hurry and don't know why..."

If you know country music, you know this song.  It's one of my favorites by Alabama, and as I've gotten a little older (some of you can start laughing), I've really come to understand what the big deal is...and why they wrote a song about it!

Not only do we (and by 'we' I also mean 'me') need to just slow it on down just a bit, or a lot, we need to put things into perspective from time to time.  Life will be lived whether we choose to be proactive or retroactive.  Life will be lived whether we do it all or do nothing at all.  Life will be lived if we are sad, glad, angry or mad.  Life...will be lived, and it will go on.  

The things around you, the TV, the couch, the oven, the candles, will all be gone, and the hills and mountains and trees will see them go, just as they have seen pioneer treasures of old come and go.  And just as they have seen birth and death a million times, and a sunrise and sunset each day for thousands of years, they will see many, many more.

We fill our earthly days with things, and emotions and activities that can buoy us, or consume us.  Are they worth our moment in time, or our many moments in time?  Do we let the silly things go and capture the good things instead?  Do we invite chaos into our day with superfluous activities or do we actively enjoy the superlative?  Do we darken our days with anger and frustration or do we brighten our own day with peace and esteem?

Whatever we choose, however we choose to be, life will be lived, and days will be spent.  We pay our maker his dues as each sun sets in the west, and hope we have received a wealthy return for our investment of a day.  What have we chosen to be?  What have we chosen to do?  How have we chosen live?  
Have we wasted our day, a day that is gone, and spent.  Did we spend it wisely?

If we are rushing and rushing, life will go on.  If we are hiding and stalling, life will go on.  If we are living and loving, life will go on.

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Scotty and Emi said...

You all look like you had so much fun at the zoo! And family gatherings are the BEST! How long has Melodie been engaged??