Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Big Sis, Little Bro

These two...sometimes they are so funny together.  Owen mostly tolerates it at this stage in the game, but he sure does think his big sister is something special.  She does like to clobber him from time to time, so mommy has to referee, but mostly, they're just good long as Owen isn't getting into 'her' stuff.

Here's a 'clobber' moment.

 She really does love her little bro.  She loves to give him kisses and snuggle with him, it's so cute and it makes my heart melt.
 Crazy kids.
 Awwww, look at those faces.  Sorry it's such terrible quality!

I do love my babies so much.  It is really hard to be a mom.  No one ever really tells you this before you have kids!  There are day's when I think it's just too much and I feel like a terrible mother and I just can't WAIT to toss my children into bed.  And there are day's when I see beyond the physical and emotional strains and recognize the sweet, loving spirit's that they are.  Being a mom is all about the long haul, the marathon, the million mile emotional run.  I chose to become a mother, so I *must* choose to make it work, and to make it a choice *everyday*.  Every day, is a new day!

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Scotty and Emi said...

Sooooooooooo cute! Isn't it great that they entertain each other!!! And by the way, I'm JEALOUS of your getting to visit some of my favorite Salt Lake sites. I keep secretly (not so secret now, lol) wishing that I lived there so I could take the kids on Trax. *yearning to visit*