Monday, January 23, 2012

Finger Painting!

Saturday was, at least weather-wise, kind of a bust.  It rained *all* day, and then turned into slushy, icy, Kristoffer needed to study for a few hours.  So, essentially, it was just another day for me!

I struggled with what to do to keep children stimulated, happy and myself...sane.  Saturday is a day to share joint responsibility with the hubs, so when he's studying, I seem to lack motivation to do it alone.  BUT, I remembered we had some finger paints hiding on a shelf, so I bolstered my courage and pulled the box out.  It actually wasn't as messy as I was thinking it was going to be, yay!  The box included a plastic smock, so I was one happy mama!  Marin needed some coaching, we don't really finger paint much, and she likes to keep herself clean, but she got into it and had a great time.

 Marin really had fun mixing the colors on her paper to see what NEW color she could make.  It was a pretty fun teaching tool.  She finally mixed them all up, hoping I'm sure, to make a new magnificent color, but ended up with...yup, brown!
 And, yes...I actually helped Owen finger paint as well, and it was super cute.  Obviously I don't have pictures of it, but this is his painting.  I spooned some paint onto his fingers, and he just giggled!  It was so cute to watch his tactile/sensory motors working as he squished the paint in his fist.  I initially tried to do a handprint with his hand, but it was impossible to open his tight little fist, so we just went with it!

 Look at that cute girl!

 Boy, two sideways pictures in one post!  Strikeout for mom!

Marin has been astounding me with her progress on her ABC's.  She will ask me during the day what letter a certain word starts with.  So I will sound it out for her and help her figure it out.  She's comprehending so much!  Today we spelled letters on her magna doodle, and she is recognizing almost all letters and their sounds.  She likes to play with (Owen's) foam letters in the bathtub and is always asking and confirming which letter's she's holding.  Such a smart girl!

Owen is a cruising maniac!  He has been getting braver with taking steps on his own, and yesterday, went from coffee table to couch on his feet!  It was only one big step all by himself, but since he's been kind of a wimp when it comes to walking, it was a big step for him.  The little boy weighs a solid 22 pounds as of 2 days ago and continues to eat, eat, eat.  He enjoys feeding himself, and is moving on to mama's homemade baby 'casserole's'.  He has been pushing through two teeth on the top on either side of his front teeth, but they haven't quite popped out yet.  Owen's poor little gums are actually bruised right where his teeth are coming in, poor buddy.  I had no idea gums actually bruised, I've never seen that before! 

My little boy's first birthday is coming up, I can't believe it!!  I have a few ideas for cake and decorations, but I'm most excited that my daddy is coming out!!  He's going to be here for 5 days to help us celebrate Owen's first birthday.  Marin is very excited about this, she loves hanging out with grandpa and I know grandpa is just as excited, too.

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