Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attachment Not Included

For Christmas, I bought Kristoffer an i-stubble shaving kit.  It's kind of like regular clippers, but the head stays in place and to adjust it, you press a button and it micro-adjusts for the perfect length of stubble.  I really like Kris with a bit of facial hair, his face is just suited for it.  I tell you this because the box actually came with an attachment that was not included....Marin. 

She loves buttons (what 3 year old doesn't?!) and since this was relatively safe, Kris handed over the reins and away she went!

 Chin up, daddy!

I remember helping to shave my dad's face.  It was something I was sooo interested in as a little girl, for some reason, and my dad let me use the real deal razor, although, Kristoffer has tried to tell me otherwise.   It's always the small and simple things that add up to such fun memories!

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