Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are you ready for some HOCKEY?!

In our quest to do something different each weekend, we trooped off to a hockey game this past Saturday evening.  Marin has been to a baseball game before with daddy and had a great time, so we were confident she would have fun with hockey too.  She had a late nap and we took the Met (train) into town for a 7pm start time.  While we didn't stay for the whole game, we stayed long enough for Marin to get some licorice, cotton candy and some cheering in!  She screams at about the same octave as an adult whistles, so she was able to contribute her fair share of noise.

Marin and Mama

Such a sprightly little pony tail, so cute!

Daddy showing Marin the hockey players and  helping Marin to watch the puck.

Focused on the game!

Trying out some cotton candy, sadly it was pretty gross cotton candy, but an experience nonetheless!

And some Subway for dinner.  We figured it was better than getting an expensive hot dog!

During the day, we went to the Lloyd Center, just a big mall in downtown Portland and window shopped.  I don't why I think window shopping with a 2 year old is ever going to be a good idea, but we at least got out of the house :)

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