Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very 'Marin' Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas to you all, my dear friends!  I hope you had a beautiful, blessed and relaxing Christmas day and are easing your way into the oncoming New Year gently.  What a delicious time of year to envelop yourself in the sounds and sights and feelings of the season.  I have truly enjoyed being with my family these past few days, nothing makes my day happier than being with my incredible husband and sweet little girl.  I hope you all were able to spend your Christmas's with family, or at least good friends.

The Lyman house had a very, very blessed Christmas this year.  We received so many gifts from our families and are humbled at their generosity!  It truly touches my heart to know so many people love and care about us!  We thank each and every one of you who graciously gave to our growing family, and we love you all so much!

In lieu of a stressful-family card that should have been mailed out weeks ago, I will instead give myself the luxury of a leisurely blog family update, so much easier!

Our Lyman Family, est. August 17th, 2006 .
Kristoffer and I have been married for a little over 4 years, and this has been our fifth Christmas together!  Unbelievable!  We are very much in love and wish we had more time to spend together.  Our little Marin turned two in August also, and just within the last few months has exploded with character.  We are soon to be welcoming our second baby, a boy, into our home in February.  This past July, we made a very rough transition from our lovely rental home in Las Vegas, to a new and very different life in Portland, OR.  It has been quite the adjustment, but we are slowly making progress up here.

Kristoffer-Over the summer, Kristoffer graduated from the University of Phoenix with his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and we are so proud of him!  He spent MANY long and late nights doing homework and we are glad he is finally DONE :)  Kristoffer continues with his job at the University of Phoenix, and now that he has graduated, is on the lookout for a new and challenging job should the opportunity arise.  He also celebrated his 30th birthday in July...haha, I KNOW, I razz him about that from time to time ;)  Kristoffer serves as the assistant ward missionary leader in our ward.  I wish he had more time for himself and his hobbies, but hopefully over time we can find some more opportunities for that here.  One step at a time!

Samantha-I feel as though my body has been so consumed with growing a baby, I hardly know where to start!  I of course had to leave my job at the hospital in Las Vegas when we moved, which was very bittersweet.  In October after my nursing license transferred, I set about to find a good, temporary position that would see me through this pregnancy, and am now working as a pediatric home health nurse two days a week.  Truth be told, it's not my favorite thing, but it's a job nonetheless and that gives me much to be grateful for.  Hopefully after the baby is born, I will find a hospital position which offers me a bit more of a challenge.  I'm serving in the Young Women's Program at church as the Laurel adviser...yes, this will be my 4th consecutive calling in YW for a total of 6 years!  I love it.  When I am not at work, I'm home with my little girl and keeping busy, trying to satisfy my nesting urges with cleaning and projects.

Marin-What a two year old she is!  Marin made the transition into her "two's" in August, and since then has developed quite a personality and vocabulary.  She speaks in full sentences and  counts to ten.  She is a very smart little girl and we are so proud of her and all of the progress she is making.  She is working on potty training and mommy is learning she is not to be forced!  Marin makes progress at her own speed and will not be pushed into anything she isn't ready for.  She is also testing boundaries and limits and is making mommy and daddy figure out how to appropriately discipline.  Often, Kris and I will look at each other say: "I have no clue what I'm doing here!".  She is certainly more of a challenge, but she melts our hearts with her sweet little kisses and snuggles and "I love you mama/daddy.".  We love her so much!

Lyman Baby Boy-Spends most of his day's doing the same thing...growing!  We are 33 weeks along and due February 11th.  He enjoys hiccuping (frequently) and kicking mommy, and occasionally tries to push his knee out of her belly button (ouch!!).  Our midwife tells us he is already head down (good sign!), and I can certainly feel his little bum up on my right side when stretches.  He should be appx. 17" long and about 4ish pounds at this stage.  We are very excited to welcome him into our home.

We wish we could travel a bit more to visit our families, but it's getting increasingly difficult as our family grows and airline tickets become more and more expensive...and the Lyman girls don't travel well by car :(  If you want to check up on our family, stop by this blog...I try and update as often as possible, which is usually at least once a week if not more.  We would also love to hear from you and how you are doing, so feel free to leave a comment!


Heather said...

Thanks for the update. Glad you guys had a nice Christmas. Can't believe you only have 47 days to go. I hope they pass quickly :)

Valerie said...

Fun update full of info. Congrats to your husband for graduating. I'm sure that is great for all of you! Hope your pregnancy keeps going well. Have a fun and happy New Year!