Friday, July 16, 2010

Found Camera!

FINALLY I have found the camera!!  I am sure I posted this first one already, but it's so cute, I thought I would post it again...Marin is just such good friends with Mollie :)  One of the last pictures we took in that house :(

And just this morning, Marin chowing down on some oatmeal.  Lately, she has been plowing her way through some of the most Gi-normous breakfasts I think I have ever seen a 22 month old eat.  She will have a bowl of cereal, a cup of yogurt, just about a whole mango and blueberries to boot! 

We have found a lovely house that I think will be the place for us, Marin and I went to check it out and walk through it the other day, and it felt.....good.  We have put in an application and are hoping for the best, so cross your fingers and say a little prayer.  It's about the same size as our house in Las Vegas, but older.  I have had to remind myself that the homes here are older and more dated...for example: tile countertops and electric appliances, extensive carpeting (sometimes even in the dining area!).  But, seeing as it will fit our family without feeling too cramped, as well as fit our budget, this is the place for us (I hope!).  It does have AC (hooray!) and is NOT located next to train tracks (double hooray!) and does NOT have an HOA (ecstatic!!!) that likes to mow the lawns at 7am.  The backyard is pretty sloped, but it has some raised terrace beds so I can plant some veggies!!! I am VERY excited to be able to do that.

For now though, we remain here and are living out of boxes and eating...Top Ramen...kind of :)  I have been rediscovering my ULTRA thrifty side (I am thrifty already, but ULTRA thrifty refers to extremes).  We have been allocating cash for groceries and I know I have X-amount to spend for 4 weeks, and it has been working out well so far.  I have discovered Winco Foods, a super huge store almost like a Food-4-Less but with TONS of organic stuff and literally twice the selection, very dollar friendly.  They have a section dedicated exclusively to bag-your-own goods, including foods like, well, everything: cereals, granolas, soup mixes, spices, croutons, flour, chocolate, candy, pastas, dog/cat/bird foods....amazing!  Not to mention they mailed out a flyer with coupons for free food: hot dogs, buns, tortilla chips, strawberries and ice cream!  Yeah, we totally cashed in on that.  So we are making it and hopefully will be in our new home next month and beginning to find a routine, that will be nice for all of us....and I can start putting everything away where it belongs! 

We have been toying with an idea for selling cinnamon rolls at the Farmers Market next year...but ssshhhhh, I don't want to disrupt the growth of this very new idea until we are well on our way.  BUT if you happen to have suggestions for a a type of cinnamon roll, let me know so I can start experimenting....I will be trying out a strawberry cream cheese cinnamon roll as my first prototype :) YUM!

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