Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Step at a Time

I think we are evening out here in Oregon....finally.  While we are still in transition at this house, I have at least been able to function as a relatively stable wife and mommy, which makes me very happy indeed!  Here are some of our little updates:

Home:  We have found several nice homes for rent and have gone to the neighborhood to check them out and called/e-mailed to put in an application.  Unfortunately, we just have to wait until someone contacts us, so it's just a nice big fat waiting game...and I am SOOO bad at those!  But, we have temporarily adjusted to this house :)

Family:  Kristoffer is such a trooper and goes to work every morning, I just don't know how he does it!  I would go crazy if I had to do what he does!  Marin and I spend the day playing and cleaning and doing all the home-front stuff.  We have also discovered that Portland is not immune to fleas (like Las Vegas), and have been dealing with those pesky jumpers, ugh....I remember from New York what that's like.

Marin:  She has been just the sweetest little thing, what a sweetheart, we love our little girl so much.  Since we took her to the beach, her face got some sun, as did the crown of her hair...making it look almost white in some areas, she is just the cutest thing (I'M SORRY I WISH I HAD PICTURES!!!!!).  We have been going for walks and playing outside in the grass.  She has been chatting with sentences and putting so many words together, my little one is growing up so fast!  It's amazing to see her little brain work, she can choose when I give her choices and follow instructions, just amazing....and many people comment on how smart she is for not even being two yet!  That's my girl!

Mama:  I FINALLY mailed in all of the tedious paperwork for my nursing license endorsement here in Oregon....what a lengthy and EXPENSIVE process!  Let me tell you, it is a HUGE weight off my shoulders that it is finally in the mail.  I am hoping it won't take too long, that way I can start looking for a part time job somewhere :)  Preggo Mama:  Feeling mostly ok, it's funny how pregnancy hormones affect you differently each time around.  With Marin I was throwing up almost nightly, and this time around, the hormones have settled into my face, making me breakout and break-down in tears.  I have frustratingly bad skin this time around, and any weird little thing will make me cry.  Marin was watching Happy Feet yesterday, and I started to tear up and had to choke down a strange!  My little belly (already) is starting to come out, at only 9 weeks.  I guess it's true what they say about being all stretched out from the first one!  I didn't start to show with Marin until I was about 14 weeks, and now I have a nice little pooch that makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit down with buttoned I kind of just look like I've had a big lunch....super. 

For all of you who have been praying for us or have been assisting us in any way, we really appreciate and love you!  This has truly been one of the most challenging and emotional rides we've had to endure in a while, and we thank you all for your love and kindness.  Once we get settled into our new home....we are open for visitors (hint, hint)!!!  And, we will show you all that Portland has to offer :)

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Tabitha said...

I've heard you start to show sooner with your second than your first, so I'm not surprised! Still ...

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Love you, and hope you guys get settled and comfortable soon!