Friday, July 23, 2010

And Our Next Act Will Be.......

Man, I feel like I have been choreographing the lead show for the Ringling Brothers Circus lately, our life has just been one nonstop scene after another! 

Good news then:  We are approved for the house!  If you are reading this post first, no, we are not buying, just renting, but I am very happy we will be moving into a more comfortable home.  I will FINALLY be able to unpack and organize and do all of my womanly/wifey things and make a nice home for our little family, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to do that :)  My sister posted some pics of her SUPER cute nursery on Facebook, and I am just itching to do the same and get nesting!

Strange news:  Kristoffer was checking his bank account last night and noticed some very odd and expensive charges, and clicked on the links which led him to a purchasing site for World of Warcraft paraphernalia....ummmm, yeah, NOT his for sure!  We are still not completely sure what happened, but Kris is calling the bank to freeze his account and figure out what happened.  He has a feeling some glow-skinned middle aged hacker tapped into his account for his personal purchases.  Super, I know, I am sure we will get this all straightened out with no loss.

Exhilarating news:  Kristoffer turned in his FINAL two assignments for his MBA program on Monday night!!!  And PASSED!!!!!!  My hubby is an official card carrying MBA man, woohoooo!  I am so proud of him!  He walked his walk 6 weeks ago for a diploma, but still had 6 weeks of classes left, but now.....NOW, he is DONE!  Good job honey, you made it :) No more homework and late nights on the computer!

Fun with Marin news:  Ahhh, my little bundle of joy is turning more and more into a 2 year old every day.....YUCK.  I guess I shouldn't say that, she is a joy for most of the day when I have plenty of patience to spare and share, but starting at dinnertime, I can't seem to find any more patience, good thing Kris is home to take over, my fuse has been extremely short courtesy of pregnancy.

Fun with Fetus news:  My little one is still growing and growing in there!  My belly is still a bit sensitive most days, but I have found that drinking an herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings called: Tension Tamer, has helped that.  It's loaded with B vitamins, peppermint, and all sorts of calming herbs, it really works wonders!  I have also entered the HEADACHE phase of pregnancy, blah.  I thought it would be another week or two, but alas, the headaches have arrived.  I am still in my first trimester, so I really don't want to take even Tylenol, so I just suffer through it for now.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with one, ugh, it's so hard to get to sleep with a pounding head.  Weight Gain Progress:  4 pounds.  A little more than I had hoped, but I chalk it up to only being able to stomach the foods that make you ...ahem...stopped up. But, I am keeping up with my exercise and feeling pretty good about that!  I am also very excited for next week, I have my first appointment with a MIDWIFE!  She works with a group of physicians covered by Kris's insurance (sweet!), and my appt is next Friday, in a week.  I am debating about hiring a doula, they can be pricey, so I will need to see what the role of the midwife is during labor, but we shall see.

We are hanging in there though, I think, rather, I HOPE the worst is over (did I just curse myself?), and we can settle in and breathe for a little bit before things start to shake up all over again!  Thank you all for your love and support, it's great having such wonderful friends and family :)

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Tabitha said...

So glad you're finally getting settled in! I know you'll be happy to have a better house :) Have fun decorating your new nursery! My new wall decals have set the bar pretty high, hehehehe. Something I would never have done if my sisters-in-law hadn't sent it to me. Lydia is one lucky little girl!