Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!

Phew!  What a whirlwind ride we have been on the last 10 days.  And it is not over yet!  For those of you who have been thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers....thank you, I can't imagine how much worse things would have been without a few prayers on our side.  In all reality, I am hoping the worst is over, but it certainly threw us for a loop.  Things are evening out now, so that is good news indeed, here is a recap of our..ahem..journey/adventures:

*Marin and I fly to Portland without a hitch and stay a few days at Kristoffer's aunt's home (so sweet of her!).
*Kristoffer drives to the north part of Nevada, you know, near East Hamster NOWHERE...and the truck breaks down at 10pm.  He calls emergency roadside assistance with no luck, I call...twice, and finally speak to an agent who will send him a truck to haul  him into the nearest town....3 hours away.  Kris finally makes it into town at 6:30 the next morning, where he is provided with  new truck and informed he will need to reload it HIMSELF!  SOOOO not kosher, so he hassles until they agree to send him some help to reload the truck.
*Kris finally makes it into town on July 5th and we step into our new home.  We are greeted by the smell of old wet musty dog...and stale cigarettes...ewwwww! (smoking is so nasty and will kill you, by the way).  We have some help from a few guys from our new ward, and they place our belongings in this smelly house with dirty carpets. 
*My poor hubby hauls himself to work the next day, while Marin and I stay home and I unpack the kitchen (I would have gone crazy). We also begin the first of  a 4 day run of 100+ degree PORTLAND..with no air conditioning.  I am beside myself by Thursday night and start crying because I am so hot and uncomfortable.  Kris sees the need for an air conditioner, so we scamper off to Home Depot for sweet relief.
*Friday was Kristoffer's 30th birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  He did have to work, but we had delicious steak sandwiches for dinner, and some cake.
*Today we went to the beach for some fresh air and a little family getaway.

My poor hubby has been beside himself trying to make things wonderful for his family, and he has just been working so hard :) I love him for that.  I have been getting my paperwork ready to send in to have my RN license endorsed here in Oregon...that also means that in the meantime, I'm not working, so things will be bit snug for the next little while....I am determined to make it all work though, it will be an excellent refresher for me..I will say that getting used to a nurse's salary can be dangerous!

We are still looking for a nice place though, we are hoping to only be in our present home for another month, tops.  Wish us luck on that! 

Marin has been wonderful, she is so smart and saying phrases and things that make me wonder where she learned that!  Such a cutie with her blond piggy tails and blue eyes, she is a charmer.  It was so cute to hear her say "Happy Birthday Daddy!", although the word birthday sounded more like 'thursday'....

I would like to say I have pictures, but our camera is tucked away somewhere and I am having no luck locating it!  Hopefully soon though, just browse through the old pics until I can take some new ones :)

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Tabitha said...

Oh you poor thing! I'll be continuing to pray for ya'll. Isn't it weird that there's no air conditioning in northern states? How did we ever survive growing up without it?