Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I almost forgot to mention that Kris and I had a wonderful date on Saturday night! Kris has a connection or two through his students and one of them hooked us up with a completely comped meal at a great restaurant in the new Encore tower (Wynn's new sister resort). It was WONDERFUL! In order to describe how the inside of Encore looks, I have to tell you how the inside of Wynn looks. When you walk inside the Wynn, it looks like you have stepped into a luscious velvety fancy chocolate box with gorgeous, rich shades of brown and deep gold, some black, it is just incredible. Well, the Encore is like a French version of the Wynn. It has absolutely breathtaking vibrant French colors, rich fabrics, a touch of whimsy, it gave me a little taste of Paris! Anyway, we ate at a lovely restaurant called Society, and although looking at the menu made me scrunch my face and wonder, tasting the food was something else. It made me wonder why such a fancy place had, well....American food! They had taken some American classics, like Pigs in Blankets and hamburgers, and had TOTALLY souped them up, the food was incredible. We had a wonderful tomato bisque and caprese salad, pigs in blankets, I had some sushi "tacos" (ahhh, soo good!), truffle trenne pasta, peppercorn strip steak, 15 layer chocolate cake and coconut rice pudding. It sounds like TONS of food, but it was pretty small portions, well except for the steak and the 15 layer cake. Yeah, the cake, was sooo tall! It came out and I was embarrassed to have it set down at my table it was so large! And the best part, it was all totally comped (I know I shouldn't say that!), either way, the meal and the experience were one of a kind. Oh, and we did get to see a movie. Well, we saw about 3/4 of a movie, haha! We went to see "When in Rome", it was...ok. It was a last minute decision, not really something either of us would have chosen, but we were on a tight time schedule. We actually had to leave about 20 minutes before the end to make our dinner reservation, so I have no clue how it ended! I shouldn't say that, it was one of those chick-flicks, so don't we ALL know how it ends?

Tomorrow will be a wonderfully quiet day with just Marin and me. I think we will head to the gym in the morning, and then we will be taking lunch to a friend from work who had surgery last week. Hooray for good days :)

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