Sunday, February 7, 2010


Marin's first little molar has FINALLY decided to come greet the world, barely. I poked around in her mouth this evening (we all know how much she loves that), and a corner of her gi-normous molar had revealed a little corner. Those molars have been sitting just below the surface of her gums for weeks, and they feel and look like massive boulders, poor girl! We have many more to go, but one down is a great start!

Tonight is the first night Marin has gone to bed without a bottle, and all seems to have gone well, so far. We read a story, actually one of her favorite called "Baby Dear", a 1950's story about a little girl and her baby doll and new baby sister. Then I gave her a hug and put her down with her sippy cup in the crib and not a peep! My little girl is growing up so fast :)

On another note, my poor hubby has been down and out with a nasty stomach bug, yuck! He didn't feel well Saturday night when I got home from work, and then he was up all last night. He stayed in bed today and I think is starting to feel a little better, hopefully he will keep his germs to himself though! Since Kris wasn't with me at church today, I was a bit apprehensive to go alone with Marin, but the kind nursery leader took pity on me and asked if Marin would like to start nursery a week early. Why of course! Marin happily joined her little friends and had a wonderful time in nursery, while I participated in Gospel Doctrine and a special Relief Society lesson. My oh my, how time flies!

I know I know, I need to post some pictures for you all! Hopefully very soon :)

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