Monday, February 22, 2010

Ward Conference

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Yesterday was Ward Conference and it was absolutely wonderful! The Stake Leaders have so much love and inspiration to share with us to help us and guide us, they truly are inspired leaders. I feel so blessed to have a calling with the Young Women and to have the opportunity to teach them every Sunday. What a responsibility! I would like to think the Lord has blessed me with talents that I can share with them, or even just the gift to be able to relate to them. The Young Women's program is truly needed and gives so much strength to the girls (and myself!) for the upcoming week. Save a girl and you save generations. I have a new respect for Sunday School and Primary and nursery etc. leaders. Now that my little Marin is in nursery, I am trusting that those nursery leaders are teaching her the gospel and giving her spiritual fortitude. I know the parents of my young women are trusting me to do the same and teach their precious girls the things that will keep them strong and above the rest of the world. I have such an important calling, and I pray everyday that I can help them feel the Spirit.

Last night was also New Beginnings for the Young Women. New Beginnings is usually in January or February and is a program for the 11 year olds who will be entering the YW program that year. They bring their family and we spend some time explaining the YW program, Personal Progress, and getting to know the new girls. We have 3 new Beehives moving up this year!! Hooray!! Although they aren't moving up until the end of they year, we cannot wait to have them!

I have a testimony of such a wonderful program. It was designed through inspiration from the Lord and keeps young girls strong and focused. It is a perfect program rethought every year as the world changes and Satan tries to strengthen his grasp on families. Even in homes where girls may feel lost and unsafe, the program is there to uplift and give comfort. I am so blessed to be a part of the Young Women's Program!

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