Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Language of Love

Ahhh, Valentine's Day Weekend, what a lovely holiday, made just for the ladies! A holiday for flowers and fancy dinners, cards and chocolates and $$$$$$$, ca-ching! Knowing how expensive this holiday can get, Kris and I opted for a simple dinner out and a card exchange, no gifts. We were planning on going to the temple to do sealings, and we had a babysitter, drove all the way to the temple and I realized I had left my recommend at home! Ack! It would have taken another 90 minutes of round trip driving to get back to the temple after picking up my recommend and my head wasn't feeling cooperative, so we headed to the restaurant for a lovely, long dinner. Although Marin may not have given a tangible gift, she can say "I love you, mama/papa" and that is more than enough to make my heart full :)

On Sunday I prepared a special treat for my Young Women (as I was teaching that day) and Marin helped mama in the kitchen that morning. I made some devils food cupcakes with a Carmel melted inside, and frosted them with delicious homemade raspberry lemon frosting....pink and festive!

Mmmmm, don't they look incredible? I sprinkled them with pink sugar and they were SOOO GOOD! Click here for tips on how to make them!

Saturday we all went for a lung-clearing hike near Red Rock Canyon, we met a few couples at the top waiting for a wall (to climb) and one nice fellow took our pic. Marin fell asleep on the way back down, she was a cranky girl!

We hiked right up the middle of that crevice.

Oh, my little helper! Marin is such a big help when it comes to emptying the dishwasher. She will take the silverware (minus the steak-knives!) and put them into the silverware drawer, such a big girl! The only problem is she doesn't understand when the dishes are dirty and why mommy won't let her put the dirty silverware away, haha!
Our plans for the week? Well, I picked up an extra shift yesterday (to help with our upcoming trip!) and will work again Friday and Saturday. But the next few days will be pretty casual, playtime with my sweet baby, gym, dinner club. Have a great day!

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