Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cold S'mores

The weekend is over, and it's back to the daily grind again! It seemed as though the weekend was full, but very satisfying. Friday I was floated to post-partum, but not to take care of the mommys! I took care of the babes, and it was nice to see normal looking newborns for a change! Ususally I'm in half baked fetus-land but this time, everyone was healthy and happy, it was great! And the best part, was that I got to help moms with breastfeeding ALL-DAY-LONG! It was GREAT! I started the morning with 8 babes (don't even get me started on how crazy that is) and I went through with every single mom on the basics of breastfeeding and it was amazing how in just one day, these women went from being frustrated and about ready to give up (already!), to having a very hopeful outlook. It was sooooo satisfying. The part that frustrated me was knowing that the hospital states they support breastfeeding, and sure, they have a lactation consultant (who is mean and stuffy, by the way!), but the nurses don't know SQUAT about breastfeeding and could care less if the mom's breastfed. In fact, they almost prefer it if they bottle feed so they can keep track of how much the baby is getting. I actually had 2 of the moms tell me that they wanted to breastfeed exclusively but that they felt pressured by the nurses to give their baby a bottle! Anyway, I had the best time all day handing out nipple shields (which saved three of my mammas!) and encouraging little newborns, it was just great. It started me thinking that maybe I should become a certified lactation consultant and partner up with Medela (who makes nipple shields, amongst other things) and start getting more hospitals to educate on how to help mothers breastfeed. Anyway, I am always on a mission to change the world I guess.

Saturday I worked a full day also, the floor was chock full of kids (now that they are back in school and sharing the germs), and it was nice to be on my own unit. PEEEED-IATRICS is the place for me! (Green Acres tune!).

Sunday I subbed for Gospel Doctrine. Phew! I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was prepping for the lesson. I have been in Primary, I have been with the YW, heck, I've even taught a couple of RS lessons, but there is something so scary about Gospel Doctrine, knowing that there are so many other people that know waaaaay more than you do makes it a bit intimidating. But, I prepped as much as I could and told myself to just follow the lesson plan and you will be fine, and do you know what, I was fine! In fact, I was better than fine, I was really good! The lesson was on the death of Joseph Smith and the succession of the next prophet, and the beginning of the trek west, so I DID have good material to back me up. I don't know a time when a lesson has gone so smoothly for me! We started with a great object lesson, read some great stories, I got a few laughs, we felt the spirit, actually ended RIGHT on time and finished with a song. I couldn't believe how perfectly everything went! I finished and went over to Kris and he told me that it was the best he has ever seen me speak publicly, and the lesson was fantastic. Sweet man :)

Yesterday of course was Labor Day and we all headed up to Mt. Charleston. And by "we all", I mean Kris, myself, Marin and the entire city of Las Vegas. It was PACKED up there. Not a place to pull off and have a quiet picnic! We ended up pulling off the side of the road and eating our potato salad and grapes and finishing with cold s'mores (I'm laughing thinking about it). It was really sad. BUT, we did go to the ski resort and hiked around a bit. Marin liked playing in the rocks, of all things, but she had fun. We went home and cooked our hot dogs on the hibachi and roasted the homemade marshmallows (courtesy of Kris) and finally had a warm s'more. Mmmmmm!

Today is baby-watching day and the babes are napping for moment. This past week I haven't been going to the gym. My right leg last Monday when I got off the treadmill was just throbbing, I could barely walk. I should have had it x-rayed, because I suspect I had a very small hairline fracture, but the ever pig headed nurse I am, decided against it. Besides, I would be so embarrased to tell people that I broke my leg running. Who does that?! I would look like the biggest pansy EVER! So, this past week I have been taking it easy, and it seems to be feeling better. Although, I have not lost any weight this past week because of my leg, blah. I should be ok to go back tomorrow, although, I think maybe the half marathon is out, at least for this year.

Ok then, I will try and post some pics later tonight, but I have some laundry that needs some love and folding, so off I go. Oh! And I hope you enjoy the new mood music on the blog, I just loaded it into the HTML and I was soooo excited it actually worked!
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Tabitha said...

Did you ever get yourself fitted for running shoes? If not, you really should. It makes a big difference :)