Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh. . . . No.

Phew! What a long weekend! Glad to be done and back on schedule, before next weeks' adventures! My work schedule last week was a bit discombobulated (is that spelled right?). I typically work Fridays' and Saturdays', but this past week I worked Wednesday and Friday, and on Thursday I had a skills fair for work from 1-5, so it was a busy week. Plus, I took Marin to get her stitches out Thursday morning, and she did great, a few complaints and scared looks, but it was done pretty quick. ANYWAY! I had Saturday off, so went out and played! Of course, the weather for Saturday and Sunday hit 100 both days only to drop off into the 80's for the rest of the week (figures), but we had a good time anyway :)

Saturday we headed off to Floyd Lamb State Park and fed the ducks. I was hoping Marin would get into it a bit more, but she just kind of looked at the ducks and held onto the bread for herself. But Kris and I fed the ducks while Marin watched, and at least it was something new for her to do. We had fun feeding the ducks until the gi-normous scary geese showed up in hords. Holy cow those things are scary! They swam over with their big bulbous heads and they were literally quivering they wanted the bread so bad! Then they would let out this horrid nasal-y honk, it looked like they were going to eat Marin! So, we left the pond (afer chasing the geese away) and had a little snack on the grass. There was NO breeze, so it was stifling at the park, so we left and went to the mall to walk around.

The mall was nice and cool, and we went into the pet store to watch the puppies and kittens play, they were pretty cute. The had a little play area for kids, so daddy took Marin over to play. Such a big girl! We went into the Disney Store, and as soon as Marin walked in, she looked at all the pretty sparkly stuff and went "Ooooooooooh!", It was so funny, she had fun with all the stuffed animals. Then we went home to rest for a bit.

Kris and I had a date on Saturday night and let me tell you, we haven't been able to go on a date for quite some time, and I TOTALLY understand now, why people say that dating after your married is SO important. Not that I didn't think it was important before, but now I see what happens when you DON'T go on dates, NOT PRETTY! Anyway, we went to dinner at this hidden place called Vintner Grill. Honest to blog, from the outside, it looked like it was a corporate office building. We even parked under covered parking, it was so strange! But, when we opened the door, it was gorgeous! It almost scared me to walk in because it looked so fancy! It had this 1940's-Martha Stewart-clean lines look, just beautiful! But for as fancy as it looked, the prices were pretty reasonable, and the food was really yummy. We must have been at the restaurant for almost 2 hours just chatting. After dinner we headed to the movies and saw "Love Happens". It was good! Not what I was expecting but good! All in all, a great date with my hunny.

This week is pretty standard, nothing too exciting, I'll be working a 3 day weekend, and then it's off to NY on Tuesday! I'll need to make a stop at DI to get some warm winter clothes for Marin, she really doesn't have very many of those!

Ok, off to the gym for me, I've lost about 8 pounds! Hooray! I still have about 12 to go, but on my way!

The duck pond! Don't worry dad, Marin was strapped in and the brakes were locked on the stroller :)
Marin walking around at the play area in the mall. I would have to say she has been 100% walking now for about a week or more, no more crawling for this busy chica on the go!

Daddy helping her out.

Oh, and Marin's most recent word? No. Yeah, super, I had a feeling that one was coming, and it's here to stay. Blah. Have a great one!

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