Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've Decided. . .

Today is baby watching day! Marin has been following Maddy around all day trying to stuff her pacifier back in her mouth, it's pretty funny. Such a big helper! She was also giving Maddy hugs earlier (without any encouragement from MOI), it was so sweet!

Anyway, I have decided that Kris and I need some Jesus pictures for our home. For those of you who may not be members of our church (check out lds.org), I'm sure it may sound a little wierd. Not many people today openly decide to purchase Jesus pictures for their home, but I grew up with a picture in our TV room (conveniently above the TV too....) with the Savior and his followers and those who were lost and wandering. I figure it was a nice reminder for me to have back then, and as of now, the only picture of Christ we have is on our fridge, hanging by a magnet! We can't get one right away, but soon. I did find another small framed picture as I was cleaning out the trunk of my car, and I'll hang that in Marin's room. But I have decided that it's something important to have in our home.

Speaking of cleaning out my trunk, I found the most wonderful little box of memories in the trunk. After I was done vacuuming, I scampered inside and sat down to flip through the papers, and I was almost giddy with excitement! The box was full of pictures and papers and letters and notes. Ah, just the BEST! I found pics from a YSA murder mystery activity and from a dance (ok, I was SO thin! You wouldn't think I used to be...). I also found a few pics from high school, ugh! If I put my mind to it, I can look lovely in a picture, but is high school especially, I was pretty funky looking :} I even found a note from a "boyfriend" I had in 6th grade! Plane tickets from when Kris and I got married, our hotel stub from our first trip to DC after we got married. One of the things I stumbled upon was a letter from a good friend Luke. I had met him when I moved into the Cortland Ward to go to nursing school, and he and Amy and I were the BEST of friends. We had SUCH a good time together. I don't remember a time when I have EVER laughed so much in my life than when I was with the two of them. Opening the letter just flooded my mind with so many memories. He had written me (and others) as he prepared to serve in Salt Lake on his mission, and wrote so many wonderful things about me and thanking me for so much. Luke isn't active anymore. I remember when that happened, and it broke my soul in two. I have never felt so much anguish in my life than when I watched my best friend slip away. I cried for days over this. Although it wasn't the first time I had watched a friend leave the gospel, this one hurt so much more. So. . . . hence the need for Jesus pictures! I want to make sure my little girl knows her Heavenly Father, always, so she can be strong. Anyway. . . .the box really did bring back so many wonderful memories, and I am grateful for the experiences, good and bad, that have made me who I am today. I thank the Lord for my wonderful husband and beautiful little girl every day. I wouldn't have any of this without Him.

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