Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy Day

Saturday's are Daddy Day's for Marin, and I know how much she looks forward to them. This past Saturday, Kris took Marin up to Mt. Charleston and they went hiking with the dog. I was so jealous I couldn't be there, but I am do glad I have a great husband that loves his little girl and takes her out to do fun things. Marin loves her daddy so much and tries to run to the door when he comes home from work, yelling "Dadadddaddddaaaaa!". She doesn't make it all the way, she's not steady enough to run yet, but she sure tries!

I will teaching a lot more in YW now, they released the beehive advisor (as now there is only one lonely beehive!). This means a lesson pretty much every Sunday, but even though it'll be a a bit more work every week, I love teaching, so I'll have fun.

This weekend brings our Salt Lake Family to town! I always love having company, and we have a birthday to celebrate, so we will try to make it extra special. We have a little birthday surprise too! (No, not that!)

Ok, picture time!

Marin and Daddy heading out on their expedition, we have the best baby carrier, it is so great.

On the way back down, Marin fell asleep she was so tired! Sleepy babe, she makes me smile :)
Lunch! We have a dog pack for Mollie and she carried lunch up the mountain for Kris and baby, nice!

Such a sweet mug, I just love her.

I had Marin in one of MY baby dresses, and she was banging on the back door to get the dogs attention.

Such a cute girl, I love these pics of her in front of the window.

Doggy! Where are you!

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