Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend Bumps and Bruises

We have brought to a close a very fun and . . . interesting weekend. Bestemor Trine's birthday was this weekend and Uncle Sam and Aunt Melodie came down with her to party it up! They stayed in a beautiful suite at the top of Mandalay Bay and we came down on Saturday for a a fun day. Trine was able to spend some one on one time with Marin while the rest of us played in the wave pool. If you have never been to the wave pool at Mandalay Bay, it is so fun! It's a football sized pool that has a giant wave machine and about every 45 seconds or 1 minute, it sends out a giant wave that carries you all the way to the beach if let it. Such a good time! That evening, the three of them went to see Lion King, and Kris and baby and I stayed at the hotel to clean up for dinner after the show was done. We had brought Marin into the shower to rinse off and after I got out and dried off, I was walking down the hall and Kris yelled for me. I walked in and Marin had blood gushing from her forehead! Poor girl had slipped and gauged her forehead on the marble ledge! I whipped her out and laid her on the counter and put a towel on her head, she was pretty upset, poor thing! We stopped the bleeding, and she was ok, but the wound was too wide to heal on its own, so we headed off the ER. 3 stiches later, she was all fixed! Poor girl had a long evening, we missed dinner, but headed home to tuck her into bed. Now we have hard time trying to keep the band-aid on in, she keeps peeling them off. Sunday we were able to go back down and spend the morning with everyone and head to a late lunch before they headed back to Salt Lake. We miss them already!

I brought breakfast on Saturday morning, and made a beautiful fruit platter, doesn't it look pretty?

I also made a really yummy raspberry pastry, it was so good! And, it looked pretty fancy too!

Saturday morning, pre-ouchie. Marin playing in a box that held her new toy from Bestemor, a little shopping cart! I'll have to post some pics of that later :)

You can hardly see Marin's giant band-aid.

Marin chomping on some animal crackers in the ER before the stitches.

The next pics are a bit fuzzy, so you can't make out the detail, but this is Marin's ouchie.

3 little stiches!

We had such a good weekend, but, we are glad that our little girl is on the mend and feeling better!