Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Survey Says: You're an Idiot!

If there are any HomeStarRunner fans out there, you will know where I got my title. Anyway, today I dropped Marin off at my friend, Keli's house and headed to UMC quick care to find out what is wrong with my blasted leg. And the results? Nothing. Yeah, I felt stupid. Well, the doctor tried to pan it off as "lingering shin splints", but they sure as heck don't feel like any shin splints's I'VE ever had. They X-rayed my leg, in a very timely manner might I add, and no stress fracture, no hairline fracture, just "lingering shin splints". Yeah, ok. However, the doctor did say something that may account for why I am having all of this pain now as opposed to when I was running before I had Marin. She said that oftentimes, a woman's gait will change during/after pregnancy and cause her weight to shift. That does make sense. She said it should have nothing to do with weakening bones at my age and good health. So, as long as I know I am not about to sever my bone when I run, then it's back to treadmill for me!

Marin has developed a couple of new little. . . habits, and they drive me crazy! She now likes to see just how many pieces of fruit she can squish into her little mouth all at the same time. Who knew babies liked to play Chubby Bunnies? She also likes to stick her face in the bathwater at night. Rrrrr, this one makes me so nervous. I think she likes to try and lap up the water and take a drink, but it just makes me nervous, what mother wouldn't be nervous? Hopefully it is just a phase and she'll stop doing it. On the bright side, we have found a monumental new snack. . . the graham cracker! These things are wonderful, I'm telling you, whoever invented the graham cracker should get a medal or something. They are portable, easy for baby to bite chunks off, chew up easily, and they are VASTLY cheaper than baby snacks. Heck, I can get a box for $1.29! Nice! And Marin LOVES them, it is so great to just give her a cracker and she is on her merry little way. Her walking is improving also. She is walking about 70% of the time now at home. I am so proud of my little girl, she is growing up so fast. I will say, it'll be nice when she doesn't crawl at all though, her clothes get so dirty, blech!

And as a quick sidenote, I had the best bacon-less BLT last night. It was some South Beach Diet brand turkey bacon, and it was sooo good! Who knew! I didn't think it would get crispy, but it was wonderful and delicious and oh so enjoyable for less than half the fat of regular bacon!

Ok, picture time!

Marin with a mouthful of kiwi. Her mouth gets so full, she actually leaks from her pursed little lips, it's funny and gross at the same time.

Marin and her new favorite snack. It's so cute to hear her little chompers biting off pieces of cracker.
Ok guys, have a great one!

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