Thursday, May 14, 2009

I figured I could squeeze in a quick post while my little monkey is napping. Today has been a pretty good day, even though Marin was up at 4am for a snack, I think it was because it got cold in her room, the AC is definately on in our house nowadays. Marin took a nice long nap this morning and it was enough time for me to do my pilates, get ready and start putting away clean clothes in the bedroom. Today has been mostly cleaning, I have one of my Young Women coming over tonight at 4:30 to watch Marin. Kris and I have pretty booked schedules next week, and tonight is the only night we can squeeze in a date! We'll just be going to dinner, as this is the first time I've left Marin with a non-adult (!!!! RELAX SAMANTHA!). I'm actually ok with it. Marin is a big girl, and Alyssa, my YW is a very mature 13 year old. Heck, I started babysitting when I was just barely 13, although, I did have a lot of experience watching two rambunctious rugrats at that time already :) I think maybe Kris and I will head to Sammy's woodfired pizza, they have the BEST pizza there, it is just delicious. Last time I went, I had their chicken barbeque pizza, which was actually the inspiration for the pizza I made at my family's Christmastime pizza throwdown (2nd place ain't too bad!).

Kris told me last night that everything is set for school to start! Paperwork is done and processed, and he'll be starting in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! Ack! So, this will be our "hard" general schedule for the next 18 months, give to take a few things:

Monday: S: Policy meeting 7-9pm, if not then FHE!
Tuesday: K: Class a 6pm-10pm after getting off work at 5.
Wednesday: S: YW 7-8:30pm
K: Meetings for ward employment issues at 7pm
Thursday: K: Employment Center (calling stuff) 7-9pm
Friday and Saturday: S: work 7a-8:30p (blech!)
Sunday: K: possible morning meeting for calling
S: possible afternoon meeting for YW

This is just what's on the HARD calendar, not to mention fitting in legwork for my work meetings, running a house (you ALL know what that means), taking care of baby and dog, temple visits, Dr's visits, trips to the library, trips to the gym, and fr Kris, doing extra homework, making phone calls for his other calling, getting up at 6am to bike with the dog. Are we there yet?!

Marin enjoying her bath, and I hear her now squeeling in her crib, so off I go!

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