Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Bust

Ahhhh, the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. I should already know this having a 9 month old, but alas. . . . I suppose I have much to learn yet. Kris and I planned to go up to St. George today, but we ended up going sooner than we thought, driving up last night. It's only an hour and a half away, so we found a dirt cheap hotel room (those are ALWAYS fun!) and settled down for the night, or so we thought. Marin went down at 9:00 and Kris and I followed suite at 9:30. I guess I'm glad we went to bed as early as we did, because Marin was up and fit to be tied at midnight. No amount of tummy rubbing or nursing or head rubs could soothe her. we even took her in the bath tub with no luck. So we all stayed awake and watched Seasame Street until 3 am when she finally dozed off. Then it was up again at 6:30, once again, in a crying rage. Ugh. I initially thought maybe her belly was hurting from the milk she drank that night, but she continued like this all. . .morning. . . long! Of course I dosed her up with tylenol and pried her mouth open to feel for the ever suspicious teething lumps. I didn't feel anything this morning, but I thought I saw some little lumps tonight on her bottom gums, so some fresh new teeth may very well be erupting their way into more sleepless nights for a flashy new smile for baby :)

But, I guess the trip wasn't totally lost. We got to go to Denny's for breakfast. We didn't go climbing, we didn't go for a hike, we didn't even get to go to the park, but we sure as heck got to go to Denny's for breakfast! Marin is such a big girl and can pretty much eat what we eat (no, not burgers and fries, dad!), this morning she had grits, banana, grapes and apple juice. Not bad!

Marin is really growing up, and getting up too! She is pulling herself up on everything now, the cooler, the dishwasher, the fouton, the drawers (when she doesn't shut them on her fingers :( ), the dog, anything. She also just started to cruise! Walking along the side of the fouton, chasing the ever elusive and troublesome remote control (mean mama!). Such a big girl :) Her balance though is something to be desired, although it's getting better everyday, she has a big goose egg on her precious little noggin from a cooler-and-slippery-kitchen-floor-incident. We have been working on the stairs too, and I think she's got it down! I put a toy a few steps up and she grunts and pushes and bends and flexes her little body up the stairs to get her toy and big round of applause and kisses from mommy. And next on her list, we found a bottle alternative. I think maybe this past weekend, we have determined that although she can do sippy cups, she's not really a big fan, so we switched to straws, and she LOVES them. Kris bought some waaaay cute straw sippy cups, so I'll have to take some pics.

Enough about Marin! (Just kidding, I love writing about her as much as you all love to read about her). But seriously, Saturday was LOVELY :) I was called off from work (BUT, put on standby, so I had to stick close to home in case they called me in). We took this opportunity to run a bunch of much needed errands. I, got some new specs! Yeah, I was in DESPERATE need of new frames for my glasses (essentially, one arm was totally off and they were a shameful display of crooked nerdiness on my face). I love my new frames, which I still need to take of picture of, they make me look super smart! We also rearranged the guest bedroom, to make room for an MBA student. Kris's first class is tomorrow, but he has an assignment already, so he needs a quiet place to study. It's a bit of a tight squeze, but the room didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would.

Ok, I am in desperate need of sleep, I have a full day of baby watching ahead of me tomorrow, so off to bed!

Marin, totally zonked as we shipped out of St.George today, after her long, unsleepless night. Stinker.

A VERRRY sleepy girl waiting for breakfast at Denny's.

A 2 AM shot of the trouble maker in our hotel room.

Last week when Marin wasn't eating. Mommy gave up and dumped her food on the tray so she could do it herself.
Marin helping mommy in the kitchen! My little chef :)

Standing up at her play table, she likes to open and close the little lid on the side, that's her favorite.

Happy Girl!
Have a great one guys!

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