Thursday, May 21, 2009

Textbook Baby

Phew! What a busy week! My goodness, and it's not over yet, but almost :) Here's a quick recap. . .

Monday: Poor miss monkey had a fever all day long. She had been a bit fussy during the night and I didn't pay much attention, but that morning I went to get her and she had barfed all over herself! Poor thing! And it was A LOT! So all day we were checking fevers and giving tylenol and cleaning up messy diapers and taking naps. All while I was getting stuff ready for my meeting at 7. My butt hurt that night after sitting on the fouton all day. My meeting went well though. I think now that we're getting down to the nitty gritty of what we are really supposed to be doing, it's getting a bit more fun, if policy review can EVER sound fun (I SWEAR that must be an oxymoron!) Anyway, 2 hours later, meeting. . . DONE!

Tuesday: We spent the day finishing recouperating from fever monday. But in the meantime, we went to Costco (my NEW favorite wholesale store by the way) and bought some much needed freezer and pantry items, and a few veggies too. I used the coupons they sent out in the mail, and saved 30 bucks! I am indeed a coupon clipper now, who would have thought that my planner would be littered with tiny pieces of paper that fall out in my purse and get lost. I seem to remember my mother having a rather large coupon collection when I was growing up. . . .

Oh and Kris had to be at the employment center from 7-9pm, such a great guy, he is really doing a great job with this calling. Such a trooper! (ok, that was cheesy)

Wednesday: Baby and I headed off to the distrubution center to pick up some much needed apparal (the temple is across town, so it's a bit of a drive). Then we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some things, except when I gt there, I couldn't remember what I needed! So I came home with a bunch of other stuff before I finally remembered what I had forgot! Then is was off to YW at 7, they were making some stuff for camp:)

Today: Marin had her 9 month check up today! Hooray! I can't believe she is 9 months old! Such a big girl. I asked the doctor about her commando crawl and if that was normal, and he said as long as she is on the move, that's considered crawling :) I also had a bunch of questions about weaning her and what to do and he was able to make me feel a bit better. Marin weighed in at 17 pounds! I was curious as to why she didn't weigh as much as I thought she would, I guess the doc was saying she is starting to fulfill her genetic profile. Babies start to slow down at about this time, because if they didn't, we would all be 8 feet tall and weigh 700 pounds! He said she was textbook, so that's always what a mama wants to hear :)

After that we ran home and ate a quick lunch before we headed over to meet my friend Heidi. She took us to her in-laws house to go swimming. Marin had so much fun! She just loves to splash in the water :) Poor thing was EXHAUSTED tonight. She didn't get her afternoon nap and had only been catnapping, so she was more than ready for her nice warm bed, where she slumbers now :) And, Kris is back at the employment center tonight, poor guy is exhausted!

Tomorrow and Saturday is work. Kris has Monday off, and we were hoping to get out of dodge for a night. As much as we would like to get up to Salt Lake, we don't have enough time to make a 17 hour round trip in 36 hours :( Hopefully soon though, we miss our family up there! So, in lieu of Salt Lake, we are hoping to get up to St. George on Sunday night, spend the night and go climbing early in the morning. It has been a WHILE since I've been on the rocks, so we'll see how that goes.

Miss Marin in he third outfit after an accident on Monday. Isn't she still the sweetest thing?!

Mommy just LOOOOVES that little face.

Happy girl on Sunday night!

Have a great one!

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