Friday, December 4, 2015

Sweet Tooth Fairy and Cupcake Wars

My Marin has somehow gotten into watching Cupcake Wars; a ruthless baking battle of the most delightful little girl food there is....cupcakes.  She loves it and it's kind of fun to watch her squirm when someone drops batch of cupcakes on the floor or a the end when they are about to choose a winner, because to her, that's the worst thing that could ever happen in life!

I took the kids to The Sweet Tooth Fairy one day as a little treat so we could all choose a cupcake, and once we walked in and Marin saw the sign stating they had WON Cupcake Wars, she became so excited!  "Mama, mama, look, look, they won Cupcake Wars?!  They won Cupcake Wars!  Mama, that sign says they won Cupcake Wars!!".  It was pretty cute.  She asked for her picture to be taken in front of the sign, this one came out a bit blurry though:
 Isn't having a little brother the best?!  Haha, I love this.  And if you see the next few pics, it's the relationship these two share, I love it!
 Just watching for sister's face.
 Awwww, he loves her so!
 And she's still smiling for the camera!
 Nom nom.

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