Thursday, December 31, 2015

Something About Weight

I really hate posting pictures like this, but I really need to start having more accountability AND...conversely... more self esteem.  I am not a spotlight kind of person, ordinarily.  Especially when I'm not comfortable with my weight.  I've always been pretty active, and my body has responded fairly well to exercise and dieting.  Until I hit 30 and had three kids.  You read my post on that earlier.  It's been a nightmare to lose this baby weight, and there is 30-40 pounds of it!  I hate wearing a different person on the outside than how I feel on the inside.  BUT, I'm still working on it, and not giving up.  

This is a picture of me at the beginning of September.  I really hate it.  I'm bowling, by the way.  I started Body for Life in November, which I've done in the past and I love it.  And since then I've gained 5 pounds and lost...maybe half an inch.  Yup, I've been so frustrated!  However, I have toned up so much with the weight lifting and extra cardio, so that's good news.  I have since had to ease up on the weight lifting after a visit to the chiropractor which I'll post about later.  

Here' a picture from the other night.  Granted, I'm wearing black, but my arms, waist, and hips are a touch more toned.  Plus, I do feel better.  I need to focus on the positive moments, however small and keep moving forward, no matter the slip ups!  Also, ignore the disaster in my room, my 14 month old is a crazy girl!

I have been growing my hair out for ages, AGES!  It grows so slowly!  It's finally getting long enough to actually look long!
 I didn't dye my hair, it's just the filter.  But I've been able to do some fun hairstyles with longer hair, so don't let me cut it for a little while!

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