Friday, December 11, 2015


There are all these little things that happen day to day in our home, most of which are so mundane or routine, that I just don't think much of taking pictures or documenting!  I try to snap pictures when I remember, but so many times my kids are just too quick and the moment is over before I can even get my phone.

This cute little munchkin is now ULTRA fast on the stairs.  She can climb them in thirty seconds, phew!  And boy does she love to be chased, it's about the most adorable thing to hear a baby giggling on their way up the stairs as you chase them.

 The Christmas tree was complete and utter fascination for Rosalie.  Every day she would stand by it pull my tree skirt off and throw that on the ground.  Pull at the lights, reeeeeaach for those bottom branches and ornaments that Marin and Owen would diligently rearrange every single day.  And the cat (if you look close, you can see her under the tree) would watch and cheer her on from the sidelines!
 Our wonderful neighbors across the street brought each of the kids these chocolate advent calendars from Germany.  These are the ones I remember as a kid and I was so delighted when he brought them!  They had a great time opening one each night, though Owen would get carried away and tell me we were really on a different day...
 My mother sent me this absolutely beautiful FRESH pine wreath for Christmas and I have absolutely loved it!  Since we don't have a fresh tree, and I'm not really down with having one necessarily while my kids are still little, having something that was fresh and beautiful hanging on my front door made me happy a million times over.  I hope she makes this gift a tradition!
 A very blurry picture from our Ward Christmas Party.
 All three kids pulled strange faces.  This girl is getting so tall!
 My cute Owen.
 Haha.  Nope.  Just nope.  Rosie was not having anything to do with this Santa business.  She went from 0-10 in less than a second.  You would have thought someone punched her in the stomach it was that instant.
 At least on family picture.
Our little gingerbread village all ready to be decorated!
 I kind of loved that we could each decorate our own.  It's nice having these pre made kits.  Someday when my kids are bigger I'll attempt the real McCoy, but for now, these are amazing!
 I had parked on the top level of the parking garage at work one day, and as I left that evening, I caught one of the most stunning winter sunsets.  This picture simply doesn't do it justice!  
 The clear, crisp air, the snow on the mountains, the cold winter sky and rays of light streaming from behind the mountain.  It really was breathtaking.  I stood there are watched for a minute or two while I snapped some pictures.  A few other people stopped to take it in as well.
 This is why I feel my house is *never* clean.  This girl is fast.  She had a very good time emptying this bag of cuties and biting into of them.
 I did break out my pasta roller and we had fresh pasta.  SO good.  
 A winter storm!  It was fantastic....though driving to work at 5am the next morning was not so fantastic.  It took me two hours!  The roads were not cleared, just snow pack, and yet people were still zooming past me.  CRAZY!
 It did make for some pretty pictures, though!
 My friend and I got together and made a bunch of treats for our Visiting Teaching Sisters.  We spent the whole day baking and letting the kids run around.  It was so fun!
 I love the pre-Christmas activities, they are crazy and sometimes overwhelming, but so much fun!

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