Thursday, December 31, 2015

Unique Traits to Cherish

I love my kids.  It's amazing how a person can create something and cathect to it with as much fervor as a parent does to their children.  I love each of kids as much as the other, but differently because they are very different little people to love!  As they have grown, and I have grown as a mother, I have come to appreciate different things about each of them, their qualities and characteristics, the parts of their personality...I'm able to find them sooner with each child because I'm a more experienced mother than I was seven years ago; and I'm sure I will discover more and more as my children grow and I grow with them.

This is my sweet Marin, how I love her!!  She is my firstborn; and at age seven, she is ready to take in the world with wide eyes and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  Those cute little glasses of hers only exemplify the studious nature of Marin.  She loves to learn and misses very little, much to my chagrin at times.  She is such an obedient girl (well, for being seven, of course), and she is very aware of her surroundings; she notices someone in need of a friend, she notices if the baby gate is down and needs to be put up. she notices if one tiny little thing of hers is out of place.  I have come to appreciate this feature of her.  While sometimes it's hard to have an 'eagle-eye' living in our house, she is so helpful and aware and I just don't know what I would do without her.  She is incredibly responsible and I know I can trust her with tasks beyond the normal capacity of a seven year old.  She really is my sweet girl and I am so grateful for her.

This is Owen.  My second child and my only son.  He is six weeks shy of his fifth birthday and is such a handsome boy.  His thick brown hair, his deep blue eyes with long lashes, and the most darling freckles smattered across his nose and cheeks....this boy leaves the little girls in his primary class wishing they had another chair next to his.  Owen is innately a shy and soft spoken little guy, taking after his daddy, and other little children tend to trust him because of this...another trait after his daddy.  One of the characteristics I love so much about Owen is that somehow, he makes me laugh EVERY day!  I don't know how he does it!  He doesn't mean to be funny, he isn't theatrical or dramatic by any means, but every single day, some funny little phrase innocently bubbles out of his mouth and it cracks me up.  And I need that SO much!  For example, the other night Owen was folding his clothes...his pants to be specific, and as he was focusing so diligently, he said "Daddy, it feels like I'm trying to fold a loaf of bread.".  I lost it.  It wasn't anything meant to be comedic, it was just an innocent little boy very seriously noting the difficulty of his task.  And I laugh, and he giggles, and then I laugh some more and hug him and think of how grateful I am for my little buddy.

And my darling Rosalie, last but certainly not least!  My little 14 month old girl has given me a run for my money.  She has been my most challenging of my three children.  I have only had 14 months (plus nine additional counting pregnancy) with this little one, but I am starting to figure out this little pistol.  She will not be forced or persuaded to do anything she does not want to do, and it requires a great deal of new found (and growing) patience.  She loves her family and in particular her mama....outsiders and strangers are not tolerated and you can be sure to hear her shrill, ear piercing screams if you get too close to her 'bubble'.  I haven't had a baby be so attached to  And that is what Rosie is, loyal.  I can tell that this will be a very tricky trait to nurture as she grows and in different ways, and for now I am trying my best to not betray that loyalty while still encouraging her to branch out and grow socially.  It's a difficult balance, to say the least.  I know that her loyalty will be a blessing to me and our family in the future.  We love our darling girl! 

I cannot believe how fast these kids of ours are growing and part of me is grieving the forever loss of those years passed already.  My husband is so great at helping me to look forward to the things that are coming (though some things terrify us, HA!).  We've been blessed with three beautiful babies and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

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