Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Resolution: A House of Order

I've been doing a lot of thinking this past week on what I wanted my 2014 resolution to be, and here it is: 

 A House of Order

I think it's closely tied to my motto:  Prepare ye every needful thing.

2013 was filled with so much chaos and change, that I wanted something to help secure me, to batten down my hatches, so to speak.  I hate feeling unorganized, un-prioritized; it's wonderful to feel spontaneous sometimes and fly by the seat of your pants, but I've had almost a whole year of that, and I'm ready to re-discover my roots.  Hence, my resolution to have a house of order.

I'm not so much speaking literally and I am generally and metaphorically.  It's more of resolution to prioritize my life and organize the things thereof in the manner that's important to the Lord and myself.  If there are prayers to be said, say them.  If there are people to visit, visit them.  If there are children to be played with , play with them.  If there are scriptures to be read, read them.  If there are things to be done.......do them.

And I want to be clear to myself on setting realistic, achievable sub-goals that allow for flexibility and numerous ways to accomplish them.  Rigid, strict, unforgiving goals are not allowed!  They will only make me feel unaccomplished and like a failure if I can't do them perfectly. 

 As long as I NEVER give up...I will NEVER fail!

Here are some of my sub-categories (I am not at all super organized, these are just some little thoughts that came to my mind in the car the other day):

**I will hold fast to my testimony and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while I increasingly embrace those with different lifestyles.  This is a very important one to me.  With so much emphasis on Mormons for the need to change and conform to the world, I need to be in touch with Christ.  I believe in Christ.  He has revealed to me through personal revelation that He lives, and that we have a prophet here on earth to guide us.  This is my knowledge, and I will defend this vehemently.  This is the lifestyle I choose to live.  It may not be the same as others, and that's OK.  I support others rights to choose, as I am able to choose myself.  But I will hold fast to my testimony of Christ.  Christ loves everyone, and I am striving to be like Him.  I am not perfect, but I am trying.

**I will like myself.  Also so important!  Of course I love myself, but I really don't like myself all the time.  I'm human, what can I say.  I don't like *not* liking myself, it stinks, and it makes me feel bad about myself, what do ya know?  In my process to achieve my goals, I will like myself on the journey.  Because once we get to our goal, we will only set off on another journey again!  Either way, it's going to be a long journey, and I would like to be with friend who actually likes me, rather than a friend who's criticizing me all the time...and by friend...I mean ME!  

**I will embrace my children more and let them know how wonderful the are, and find more quality time to be with them.  My children are the future generation, they hold the power to change a world I may not see, and I want them to have the power that comes from a loving mother...something no other advantage can give them.  This goes for fathers, too.  A father in the home is absolutely crucial, in a world where fathers are devalued and hated and criticized and man-bashed, I say baloney!  Our children have the God-given right to have a mother and father who love and teach them the principles of Christ.

**I will kindle my relationship with Christ.  Something we will all forever be working on, no doubt.  My Savior has given all that had...for me.  And I am *sure* I can find a few minutes in my day just for Him.  I know that innumerable blessings will come if I can just beat away the little demons that tempt me with other time consuming activities, and find time for Christ.  He is there, He loves me, and He wants to tell me things!

**I will pray for husband more.  Husbands get such a bad rap these days.  No one values the husband, the father, the male.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Men are some of the most extraordinary people, with incredible strengths and gifts that women  do not have.  Are you hating me?  You shouldn't be...we've been hearing how fabulous and superior women are for far too long, and how fair is that exactly?  Women are wonderful, too, but we are different, and that's ok...right?  In a society that embraces differences, can we not embrace the wonderful difference of a man?  My husband needs all the help he can get, and by golly, as his loving wife, I am going to call in the big guns!  If anyone can help, it's Christ...our Savior.

So anyway, these are a few of my thoughts for this upcoming year.  I LOVE setting goals and resolutions, they give me something to work towards, and I think we should all set them.  If you don't like setting resolutions, you might be doing it the wrong way!   Happy, HAPPY New Year to all of you, I wish happiness and JOY to everyone.

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loved your resolutions. Especially, that last one. I've been convicted to pray for my husband more! :)