Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

I seem to be missing a portion of pictures, so this  is maybe 80% of Christmas.

We took the kids to the Layton Hills Mall to see Santa a few weeks ago.  Marin was so excited and drew a picture for him.  Santa looked pretty decent, but was a little less than enthused.  Hey, we've all got jobs, buddy, but yours actually requires you to be social.  We also didn't realize it was a company/photo op...which meant no personal cameras allowed.  I wasn't about to spend 40 dollars for pictures.  The kids could sit on his lap for no charge though, so I scurried up the second story of the mall over to the overlook and snapped a few shots of my kids; I know, don't hate me.

 Owen was figuring it all out.  Marin knew exactly what to do.
 The actual making of the gingerbread house!  The kids had a great time, and tummy-aches later that night, of course.
Putting multiple bowls of candy in front of your kids...what are they supposed to do, say no??

Sorry these are sideways.  This is Christmas dinner, nom nom nom.....  These are the marinated turkey cutlets.
 Justin and Melodie brought caprese salad, YUM!

I made homemade noodles with alfredo sauce, and they were deeeelish!  I don't have a pasta roller....perhaps next Christmas?  BUT, I just used my giant rolling pin and some elbow grease and cut my noodles with a pizza roller.  They were a bit thick, but super delicious.  I for sure will be making some again.  And the alfredo sauce?  Oh, my best yet, SO good...and sinful.  I can't make this stuff but once a year.
 My plate of food, I''ll admit, I did have seconds on the pasta...

The cake.  Ooooh, the cake.  I made this six layer vanilla raspberry cake with lemon frosting and coconut from scratch.  I *know*!  It took me all day, but it turned out beautifully and was delicious.  I had to actually throw away the last big piece of it the day after, because I knew I was going to keep eating it!
 Layers and layers of loveliness.
 Marin with Melodie's husband, Justin.  She loves him...heck, we all love him! 
 I couldn't get a shot of Trine, she was right next to the lamp!

Here we all are!!
 Such a fun night, we were so sad when it was done and over with.
 My new friend.  A Christmas Gift, she's an automatic vacuum; her name is Wanda and she is wonderful.  She does a great job keeping my floors dust/crumb free, and I just LOVE that.  Nothing makes me crazier than sweeping my floors...only to have crumbs on them within a few hours and *stepping* on them.  It makes me feel like my house is a pigsty.  So...she has been wonderful!  I highly recommend one!

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