Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Sweet Marin

There are little things that I never want to forget about my children, and this little story about Marin is one of them.  Both the kids sleep in the finished portion of the basement, which is really the only place for them.  We only have one other bedroom upstairs besides the master, and I couldn't put one kid up there and one all alone down in the basement.  But, having them both down there is ok.  They have each other and are such good buddies.  

The other morning, we let the kids up to get the breakfast, etc., and Marin told us that during the night, Owen had been scared and went in to her room and woke her up.  Marin then took him back to his room, tucked him and, gave him a backrub and sang primary songs to him (like mama, she said).  That totally and completely melted my heart.  She is growing up so fast, right before my eyes, that sometimes I don't see the little things about her that I need to see.  

As mom's we see the things that need to be done/cleaned/fed/washed/prepped/etc., and we can forget to listen to the sounds of life, the sound of our children growing, the sound of moments we'll never hear ever again.  We can see the pictures, and capture the surface emotion, but unless we listen, we'll never appreciate the moment for what it's really worth.

I'm still working on that, by the way.  But as Marin related to me how she cared for her little brother that night, my heart swelled with love, gratitude, pride, appreciation....all of those good feelings.  I love my little Marin.  She is such a sweetheart.  She is such a little mama.  She loves taking care of things, and has the best intentions at heart.  I don't know what I would do without my sweet girl.  

While she also blasts me every minute of every day with questions, I try to remember that curiosity is a wonderful thing.  Besides, I wouldn't have my little Marin any other way.

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